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Introducing GBG Predator

Customers are transacting faster and more frequently than ever before. With every online purchase and ATM withdrawal you learn something about your customer; insight that empowers you to truly understand your customers’ behaviour and enables you to better manage the risk and opportunity associated with each transaction. We have a solution to help – GBG Predator. Monitoring your customers’ transactions flags behaviour which is consistent with fraud, money laundering or terrorist financing. If something looks suspicious, you’ll be the first to know. GBG Predator works tirelessly around the clock to safeguard your business against transactional fraud and support AML compliance if your industry requires. At the same time, GBG Predator optimises each customer’s profitability through automated, data driven customer engagement. By continually assessing your customers’ actions against their ‘normal’ behaviour, GBG Predator exposes any unusual activity. It’s based on customised rules which you create, meaning you get accurate and consistent data analytics for every single incoming and outgoing transaction – for the things that matter to your business.

Why use GBG Predator?

Prevent fraud, money laundering or account overuse

Prevent transactional fraud and money laundering using historical, internal and external data, making assessments in real time.

Understand each customer

Every single customer has a unique persona. GBG Predator will help you really get to understand, and cater for, their individual behaviour patterns. You can use this data to deliver a tailored experience for VIPs, loyal clients, at risk clients, and even fraudsters.

Comply with regulations

Compliance can be tricky to navigate, especially if you are trading across multiple countries. We’ll help you comply with regulations to avoid damage to your finances and reputation, whilst ensuring your business meets the necessary legislative and industry requirements for anti-money laundering and counter terrorism funding.

Flexible workflows

Respond to changes instantly through flexible workflows and data models. In a dynamic environment the ability to independently manage rules, scorecards and decision trees can make an enormous difference to your bottom line.

Intelligent case management

Collect, analyse and share meaningful information with intelligent case management. Simplify investigation management by collecting and storing transactional data, external documents and any other evidence in one place.

Reduce operational costs

Maximise the value of your team and reduce your operational costs. Automate workflows to manage the majority of transaction checks, allowing your team to focus on exception cases.

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GBG Predator works tirelessly around the clock to safeguard your business against transactional fraud and support AML compliance.

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