What it does

Fight fraud and money laundering – and win. GBG Predator constantly monitors your customers' transactions to stay alert to behaviour consistent with new trends in fraud or financial crime. Is anything unusual? If it looks suspicious, you’ll be the first to know.

The benefits of GBG Predator

Fully configured, GBG Predator enables you to:

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    Safeguard your business against transactional fraud

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    Guard against multiple fraud risks, including identity theft, account takeover and changing general or individual economic circumstances

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    Ensure compliance with anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations

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    Monitor customer transactions automatically and around the clock

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    Check any kind of transaction – monetary or otherwise – from multiple sources

How it works

Here’s what GBG Predator can do when it’s fully configured:

Data checking +


  • Run continuous identity checks to identify behavioural change, including country of origin, payment method, bank account details, names and aliases
  • Make use of blacklisting, watchlisting and capabilities
  • Import external datasets, spreadsheets or reference tables


  • Add new data feeds without involving the IT department
  • Refine rules to suit your own fraud issues and business processes
  • Create rules to comply with local anti-money laundering regulations
  • Handle millions of transactions daily in real time, near real time or in batches: work at a pace that suits your business

Rules and alerts +


  • Set your own rules for fraud and AML based on what you deem to be fraudulent behaviour
  • Set up your own automatic risk alerts so you can prioritise and take immediate action on any transaction
  • Create scorecards to balance detection of genuine fraud against false positives


  • Gain a clear view of potential financial crimes
  • Reveal links between fraudulent transactions in different business areas, so you can see the what, the how and the who
  • Block cards and accounts automatically – fewer manual processes
  • Improve operational efficiency: fewer false positives mean fewer investigations

Full, audited compliance +


  • Generate customer reports and alerts with an extensive range of tools
  • Identify problem gamblers if you’re in the online gaming industry, so you can protect them and also meet your Responsible Gaming obligations
  • Constantly monitor for emerging threats or new trends in fraud and adapt your system to respond


  • Demonstrate your full compliance with anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations with a full audit trail of all checks and investigations - and decisions made
  • Create fraud-case documentation rapidly from templates, with automatic data population
  • Stay ahead of the criminals to protect your organisation - and your good customers - from undue losses 

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GBG Predator works brilliantly when teamed with:

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