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Introducing GBG OSINT

The trace and investigation landscape is changing; a person's identity exists offline and online, and it's more than just a name and address. Get better insights into individuals' social behaviour using global data from more than 10 social media sources, providing over 85 million social posts every day that you can search intelligently. OSINT makes it possible for you to aggregate the social data you need to investigate.

GBG OSINT helps you

Aggregate open source social media data
Search over 85 million posts per day by location, keyword or handle
Investigate criminal activity and fraud, and locate individual's quickly
Make informed decisions and stay ahead of trends

Why use GBG OSINT?

Aggregate global data from over 10 social media sources

The world of social media is colossal. OSINT brings together over 10 social media sources including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and VK (Russia's Facebook alternative), in a single interface, so you can find what you need simply and quickly.

Intelligent search

The GBG OSINT intelligent search bar enables you to search over 85 million social posts every day by geo-location, keyword or Twitter or Instagram handle.

Monitor trends and specific keywords, enabling you to focus on the posts you want to see.

Investigate in specific geographical areas

Investigate social activity within a specified geographical space, so you can identify patterns within certain locations. Only view posts that are linked to a specific longitude/latitude, and locate individual's quickly and easily.

The mapping tool enables you to draw your geo-fence, so you can capture all posts that are most relevant to your investigation.

Access historical social posts

GBG OSINT offers a 5 year history of open source social media data, so you'll be able to set the window of your search to view posts from a specific time or date. Great if you're reviewing old cases or investigating a historic incident.

Get ahead of your competitors

Don't miss anything with GBG OSINT. Stay ahead of viral content and engage with local influencers who can drive conversation around your brand.

Identify and monitor trends, and understand them beyond just keywords and hashtags. 


Tailor your GBG OSINT solution to suit your business requirements. You can restrict the social feeds that are returned from your search, so any irrelevant ones are filtered out.

Get the information you need efficiently, speed up your processes.

Stand-alone or integrated

GBG OSINT can be used as a stand-alone product, or can be used in combination with our powerful GBG Connexus trace and investigate solution.

GBG OSINT is a flexible solution

You can use GBG OSINT as a stand-alone solution, or you can combine with the power of GBG Connexus to help you find exactly who you're looking for.

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Access the most social media sources available within a single platform, and use social behaviour insights in your investigations. Research social trends beyond keywords and hashtags to know your customers better. Understand, engage, stay ahead.

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