What it does

You want to get new customers on board quickly and reliably, right? GBG Matchcode360 makes the whole process of collecting and validating data from customers - anywhere in the world - really easy.

And it builds out a really rich profile including contact information and social IDs without having to make the customer fill in every last detail.  Easy!

The benefits of GBG Matchcode360

Fully configured, GBG Matchcode360 enables you to:

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    Check instantly whether data entered is correct upon application – from almost anywhere in the world

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    Enrich basic identity data with people’s utilities and business information, their social media profiles – and more

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    Achieve rapid response with rapid information capture, so you can quickly build good customer relationships

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    Give your customers a better on-boarding experience

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    Improve the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns

How it works

Here’s what GBG Matchcode360 can do when it’s fully configured:

Data checking +


  • Capture and check postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and information found on social media
  • Be certain, even when things are misspelled, abbreviated or missing – because GBG Matchcode 360 can figure it out
  • Keep your information up to date with regular checks


  • Check people simply and quickly – pretty much anywhere in the world
  • Integrate GBG Matchcode 360 into your business applications, reducing keystrokes and errors and improving your customer service
  • Use better data quality in your organisation to boost its efficiency in a major way

Everything and everywhere +


  • Cover 240+ countries and territories worldwide
  • Go global on mobile phone coverage
  • Understand where the UK's 27 million addresses, plus 7 million non-postal addresses - things like post boxes, ponds and scout huts (really useful if you are an insurance company or the emergency services)
  • Build out your customers’ contact data with information from hundreds of social media networks


  • Power in your hands: organise the way you need to communicate with customers and ensure that you always have the right data at your fingertips

Improve your customer knowledge +


  • Gain insight into what customers like and the social channels they use – and pair GBG Matchcode360 with GBG Marketing Services to contact them via social media 
  • Obtain demographic understanding: know immediately whether your new customer lives in an affluent area, student area etc


  • Delight your customers by giving them a tailored service that’s truly outstanding
  • Turbocharge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with the great targeting GBG Matchcode360 makes possible

Additional features

Fully configured implementations of GBG Matchcode360 include these additional modules:

Social sync +


  • Identify your customers’ social profiles to communicate with them on their terms
  • Find social identities with only one other piece of identifying information


  • Enhance your social marketing strategies by tapping in to 130 different social networking profiles
  • Tailor your online responses
  • Improve relationships with customers

Batch +


  • Use this address cleansing tool to add missing address information, correct misspelt addresses and validate against Royal Mail’s PAF or AddressBase Premium  


  • Maintain accurate customer profiles 
  • Send us tens of millions of records to standardise in under an hour
  • Take advantage of the fastest tool on the market

PowerSearch +


  • Enter any part of an address and the software displays potential matches as you type
  • Query against locally sourced address data from 240 counties
  • Find geocodes for all these addresses with the output address
  • Choose your preferred formatting options for addresses in different countries
  • Support multiple languages and their characters
  • Implement the facility quickly thanks to a single interface


  • Onboard customers easily, no matter where in the world they are
  • Dramatically reduce keystrokes for faster onboarding – reduce input time by up to 80%
  • Boost conversion rates by giving an even better, more intuitive, experience for customers
  • Match more addresses to make better decisions and improve the quality of your addresses
  •  Reduce IT costs by implementing PowerSearch alongside GBG Matchcode360 validation services

Eircode +


  • Capture and validate addresses in Ireland against the country’s new postcode system using the highest quality match rate of old Irish addresses to the new format using a power search functionality that automatically populates the address as you type




  • Reduce fraud and enhance your marketing in Ireland
  • Stay up to speed as Ireland’s new addressing system revolutionises its ecommerce, consumer finance and logistics

Addressbase +


  • Access 37 million addresses, UPRN and geocoding that’s accurate to one metre
  • Use a powerful combination of existing datasets, such as electoral roll and Royal Mail PAFs


  • Save money and increase efficiency with a single source of data for accurate addresses
  • Remove the need to search multiple databases
  • Take advantage of the most comprehensive addressing solution in the UK

Utilities +


  • Match all addresses in the UK to their utility type (based on electricity and gas meter data)


  • Complete your identity profile of UK individuals: utility information provides fundamental insights into property type and residency

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