GBG Matchcode360

How well do you know your customers?

GBG Matchcode360 helps you ensure that the customer data you process is accurate and up to date.

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Introducing GBG Matchcode360

A customer’s profile has evolved into a multi-faceted entity. In order to communicate effectively, we need real insight into all aspects of a person’s identity – in both the online and offline worlds. Identity is at the heart of all customer relationships. Do the fragments of information you have about yours build a complete picture of who they really are? GBG Matchcode360 is a real-time customer identity registration and data verification solution. It’s the only service which allows you to capture and validate postal and email addresses, landline and mobile phone numbers, and information gleaned from social media platforms – all in real time, on a global scale, and via a single interface. And it’s global. With coverage of 240 countries and territories worldwide.

Why use GBG Matchcode360?

Instant data verification

Checks instantly whether data entered as part of the application process is correct. Our unique ‘fuzzy matching’ capability corrects misspellings, abbreviations and ‘fills in the blanks’ if information is missing altogether.

Enrich basic identity data

Build a complete identity profile for your customers. Take very basic information we’ll enhance it with their business information, social media profiles, utilities supplier – and more.

Build great customer relationships

Start on the right foot, with a quick and simple onboarding process. Then take it to the next level by using the information you know about your customers. Communicate with them through the channels they prefer - and be present when they’re ready to purchase.

Improve your onboarding experience

Reduces keystrokes and errors - they only need to enter the data once. We can build a full identity profile from just a name and email address.

Targeted marketing campaigns

Be confident you have the most up to date information for your database. Use your complete customer profiles to improve the effectiveness of targeted marketing campaigns.

Global coverage

GBG Matchcode360 is currently the only solution which validates global postal and email addresses, as well as mobile and landline telephone numbers in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide – all through a single interface.

Resilient technology

We achieve the highest levels of data security standards, providing confidence to all organisations working with us. Our data centres are fully protected for disaster recovery - there’s no single point of failure

Hear what our customers have to say about GBG Matchcode360

GBG Matchcode360 is updated automatically which saves so much time. You don’t even have to think about it. As an address look‐up tool, GBG Matchcode360 is really simple and easy to use, and this addition to our PMS has been well regarded by all customers. It’s been completely reliable – no‐one has had any issues with it at all.

Hotel Perfect

We use GBG’s service as part of KYC and to be compliant with industry regulations including FCA, CySec and ASIC. But with GBG Matchcode360 and GBG ID3global working together, there are so many more benefits than just ticking boxes.


We have been working with GBGroup since the launch of Nectar Italia and using Matchcode Global we can be very confident in the quality of our address data.” Tiberi concludes: “From an IT perspective I am happy, because the solution works and doesn’t require any management attention, we simply update the system when GBGroup upgrades the software

Nectar Italia

We considered trying to cleanse the data inhouse, but decided that it would be far better and more cost-effective to use the expertise of data quality professionals.


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GBG Matchcode 360 - product sheet

A customer’s profile has evolved into a multi-faceted entity. GBG Matchcode 360 is a real-time customer-identity-registration and data-verification solution

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GBG Matchcode 360 - country coverage

Supporting customers with extended data files that surpass local postal authorities for more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

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GBG Matchcode 360 - social sync

GBG Matchcode 360 Social Sync product sheet

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Plus500 success story

Plus500 needed to find a partner who could provide fast and convenient registration and identity checks.

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