What it does

With GBG Instinct, you can check new customer data against a wealth of globally available identity information: account numbers, previous applications, blacklists, criminal databases, previous behaviour and more. You set the rules and the scorecard for pass or rejection rate criteria.

It’s a fraud engine that gives you the answers you need. Without delaying your process for handling good customer applications.

The benefits of GBG Instinct

Fully configured, GBG Instinct enables you to:

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    Achieve high fraud-detection rates

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    Sign up new business – fast

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    Minimise false positives

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    Gain more control – manage your own rules and data feeds

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    Reduce operational costs because fewer people are required to review cases

How it works

Here’s what GBG Instinct can do when it’s fully configured:

Customisable +


  • Take advantage of a big library of rules and scorecards, which is easily customised and updated
  • Deal with all global character sets for matching purposes
  • Import all kinds of datasets, spreadsheets or reference tables
  • Support multiple interfaces (web service, MQ etc)


  • Create and fine tune your own anti-fraud business rules and react quickly to new types of fraud
  • Share fraud knowledge across the business and with others

Instant insight to fraud patterns +


  • Obtain quick insight and instant alerts from detailed management reports
  • Spot patterns and find clues


  • Find and focus on the best ways your organisation can beat fraud
  • Detect more fraud than traditional computer methods

Real-time, fast decision support +


  • Get the information you need to make decisions instantly
  • Prioritise your fraud review queue based on SLAs and product type


  • Take advantage of over 18 different matching algorithms to give you the best chance of detecting fraud
  • Get good customers on board fast. Only fraudsters fail!

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GBG Instinct works brilliantly when teamed with:

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  • GBG DecTech brochure - Instinct

    GBG Instinct is a product developed by our sister company, GBG DecTech that integrates with our other risk management products to form a full suite of decision support tools; manage workflows around fraud and risk management. Seamlessly.

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