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Introducing GBG IDscan

We make document authentication simple. Our award winning system takes a snapshot of your ID documentation, regardless of whether it is an ID card, passport, driving licence or other form of ID. We'll give you a definitive yes/no answer as to its authenticity - within seconds.

Why use GBG IDscan?

Identity Document Expert System: automatically validates document images using advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave-length technology and our proprietary library of document identities.
Mobile app: an easy to use, off-the-shelf mobile application that supports auto-filling, age and identity verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening - all in a matter of seconds.
Quick and easy registration: all processing occurs on the phone instantly. Secure, quick, accurate and easy to integrate. Cost effective annual run-time licences available.
In-house OCR engine: designed to meet the challenges of reading data from documents that have been purposely designed not to be machine readable or have become damaged, worn or corrupted.

How it works

High quality reference data

GBG IDscan Biometrics’s Reference Library is currently a service built into our flagship GBG IDscan product. It allows customers to compare their documents against a reference library of genuine documents in real-time.

We will soon be launching a web-based version of this product which will enable access to more than 4000 document types, worldwide.

24/7 support

GBG IDscan is feature-rich, with multiple platform and reporting facilities and is backed up by live 24/7 day technical and document expert support for maximum reassurance.

Facial biometrics

We've been thinking about how to stop fraudsters with multiple identities

Supported by a library of over 150,000 faces captured from compromised documents, IDscan Visage is an authentication solution that compares an image of a person’s face against images of faces in documents that are known to be fake or counterfeit.

Reading the unreadable

Our proprietary OCR engine has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of reading data from documents that have been purposely designed not to be machine readable or may have become damaged, worn or corrupted.

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