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Understand your customers better than you ever have before.

GBG Datacare | Social Affinity

Social affinity is a feature of our GBG Datacare data cleansing solution, helping you to connect, communicate and transact with your customers and prospects sensibly, and profitably.

We understand the issues you face

Campaign ROI

Your campaigns aren't giving you the returns you forecasted. Are you targeting your customers at the wrong time, or are you targeting the wrong people completely?

Customer experience

Understanding your customers likes, hobbies and interests enables you to customise your user journey, giving your customers exactly what they want, when they want it - building a world-class customer experience.

Potential fines

Not understanding your customers fully could lead to breaching compliance regulations and potential fines. Can you be sure that you're targeting your products and services to those who are legally allowed to consume them?

How can social affinity help?

Your customers' identities are made up of so much than just a name, address, phone number and email address. What hobbies do your customers have? What do they like and dislike?

You need to be sure that the product or service you're offering is suitable for who you're targeting. If not, you could face potential fines and risk damaging your brand reputation.

Understanding who your customer is is critical to delivering a world-class customer experience. 

That's where GBG Datacare Social Affinity can help. We can help you improve your customer insights using social media data, so you can identify what products or services you should be targeting your customers with, and through what channels. We can append your data with social handles, so you can effectively balance your resource to reflect the social channels that your customers use.

Every business wants to engage with active social followers. GBG Datacare's Social Affinity proposition can provide you with a KLOUT score, so you can select the appropriate customers to share your content. This can be super-effective and can help generate viral campaigns.

Social affinity data is valuable to pass onto digital agencies you work with, so they can refine and improve your social media and digital strategy, maximising your results.

GBG Datacare can help you make the most of social affinity data, so you can personalise your customer journey and create lasting, profitable customer relationships.

GBG Datacare: fully integrated & customisable

Engaging with your customers and gaining their trust is the key to a long and profitable relationship. This applies throughout the customer lifecycle. Targeted, relevant multi-channel communications based on individual’s identities, their likes, dislikes and preferred contact method help gain customers' trust.

We can help you create world-class interactions that foster long and profitable relationships with your customers. Use our fully managed service or choose individual solutions to complement and support your in-house activity.

Work with us and we’ll tailor make an individual data cleansing solution that’s robust, reliable, and most importantly, compliant.

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