What it does

Are you looking to improve the quality and integrity of your data? GBG Datacare gives you the intelligence you need to manage an increasingly complex and modern database.


We can help you to effectively engage, communicate and build relationships with your customers through clean, validated data so that your organisation gains a competitive advantage and fosters lasting connections with customers.

The benefits of GBG Datacare

Fully configured, GBG Datacare enables you to:

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    Interact with the right person at the right time using accurate information whilst protecting your brand’s reputation

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    Minimise mistakes, reduce costs, adhere to compliance and don’t waste communications with out-of-date data

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    Increase ROI by using the full potential of your database to target and communicate more effectively

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    Improve operational efficiencies through simpler processes using the most accurate, relevant and recent information

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    Maximise customer lifetime value by utilising intelligence about your customers’ identities to engage with them

How it works

Here’s what GBG Datacare can do when it’s fully configured:

Cleansing +


  • Select independently-sourced, market-leading contact database files and services with which to cleanse your data
  • Customise the cleansing process based on your preference, objectives and budget
  • Identify duplicates in your database and remove salacious words
  • Standardise name and address information to increase the success of contact validation, suppression, customer tracing, email and tele-appending, enhancement and enrichment
  • International address cleansing for over 240 countries, local language salutations formatting for over 25 countries


  • Protect your brand’s reputation and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring recipients receive high quality, accurate multi-channel interactions
  • Reduce costs and time associated with correcting mistakes and errors or fixing issues caused by duplicates and incorrect data
  • Comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other industry legislation/guidance by retaining accurate and up-to-date contact information
  • Gain competitive advantage by making strategic decisions based on identity intelligence
  • Create a sustainable business that can keep up with customers' changing communication habits

Validation +


  • Validate multi-channel contact data
  • Real-time landline and mobile telephone validation
  • A batch service that quickly validates thousands of numbers
  • Uses multiple sources of data to give increased confidence
  • Select the service level based on how you use your database and your budget


  • Increase operational efficiency by only using valid data
  • Generate greater return on investment from marketing campaigns by reducing waste and increasing the percentage of first time contacts
  • Comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other industry legislation/guidance by retaining accurate and up-to-date contact information
  • Reduce distribution costs by using only valid data in campaigns
  • Invest your marketing budget wisely by deciding how to communicate based on a multi-channel validation exercise

Customer Reactivation +


  • Expert matching algorithms to increase the number of positive matches
  • Developed over 15 years, Datacare’s unique data matching techniques will reduce false positives
  • Choose from standard customer tracing solutions or our exclusive consented solution to increase your ability to successfully identify customers


  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers by keeping in touch even after they move
  • Reduce acquisition costs by re-engaging with lost or lapsed customers
  • Increase customer loyalty by identifying customers and creating bespoke content that shows you understand them

Enhancement and enrichment +


  • Expert matching algorithms to increase positive matches
  • Largest pool of consented landline and mobile telephone data in the UK
  • Multi-channel contact data
  • Use in combination with contact data cleansing and data validation to maximise results


  • Maximise first-time contact rates by increasing the percentage of valid contact data in your database
  • Increase customer lifetime value through targeted, personalised interactions that boost sales and increase retention rates
  • Increase service levels by using multiple channels to contact customers based on their preferences and the type of message involved
  • Use a fully validated multi-channel database to continually adapt to customers' changing communication preferences

Suppression +


  • Developed over 15 years, Datacare’s unique way of matching your data to the suppression file will reduce false positives
  • Select a range of independently sourced suppression files to identify: goneaways, deceased, Mailing Preference Service (MPS) subscribers or Telephone Preference Service (TPS) subscribers
  • Optimise results by prioritising the suppression files you check  


  • Increase campaign response rates and MROI to consumers who are happy to receive your communications and so more likely to respond
  • Comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other industry legislation/guidance by retaining accurate and up-to-date contact information
  • Minimise fraud, protect your brand’s reputation and reduce costs by removing inaccurate data from the campaign
  • Avoid the costs and time associated with processing returns after the event
  • Gain competitive advantage by finding out that someone has moved and tracing them to reactivate the relationship before your competition

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Review the quality of your customer database and see how GBG can help cleanse, validate, flag or enhance your records.

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Client testimonials

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GBG Datacare works brilliantly when teamed with:


How much does it cost? +

A data audit to assess the quality of your file is completely free with Datacare. Once you receive the results of your free audit you will able to view the prices for each individual service and choose which of the cleansed data records you want to purchase. An account manager will help you set up a credit limit and you will receive an invoice every month end which shows what you have used.

Do you provide international cleansing? +

We do provide international address cleansing services through our bureau services team. If you are interested in this service please drop us an email at cleanmydata@gbgplc.com.

What is the difference between flagging and suppression? +

Suppressing data removes all records identified from your data whereas flagging will not remove the data and mark your record with a notification.

Suppress is usually used from one-off mail shots to reduce the cost of your mailing. It is the most cost effective way to remove the records but is only a one off and does not allow you to understand you data better.

As best practice we suggest Flagging. Flagging allows you to use the results again and again, and increase your return on investment. Many customers create a goneaway file that they can periodically check against our movers service to update information and re-engage with lost customers.

How long does it take to supply the data? +

Data is supplied immediately provided your credit limit is all set up.

How do I reset my password? +

Please get in touch with cleanmydata@gbgplc.com and we will reset your password for you.