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GBG Datacare gives you the best chance of processing accurate and up to date personal data, so you can remain compliant.

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Introducing GBG Datacare

To maintain relationships with your customers, having accurate data is crucial. GBG Datacare helps you to better understand and communicate with your customers. This might be adding an email address to customer data, so you can engage in email communication. It might be identifying which of your customers are moving house, so you can increase marketing responses. Whether it’s for customer acquisition, retention or engagement by ensuring you always have the best available contact details for your customer you be sure to achieve any customer lead program.

In a nutshell, GBG Datacare helps you

Improve the effectiveness of your direct marketing
Identify customers going through significant life events such as a house move
Stay compliant by keeping your customer data up to date
Reduce wastage by identifying deceased of gone away customers.

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How GBG Datacare can help you

Address and name formatting and correction

We'll help you identify duplicate records and incorrectly formatted addresses in your customer data, so you can rest assured you're contacting the right person, at the right address.

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Address forwarding and gone away suppression

Even your best customer might not tell you that they've moved house. Address forwarding and gone away suppression helps you to maintain your customer relationships.

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Deceased screening

Mailing deceased individual's can cause further upset to bereaved families, and can potentially lead to identity fraud. GBG Datacare's Deceased Screening can help protect your brand and your reputation.

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Contact appending

We'll help you understand your customer's preferred communication channel.

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Contact validation

We'll help you understand what contact information is correct/live.usable, and importantly which isn't and needs to be replaced/sought/acquired.

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Preference services

Don't risk potential fines and poor campaign performance by contacting individuals who've registered with a telephone preference service.

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Demographic profiling

We'll help you understand your customers' 'situation' - their incomes level, age, gender and marital status, so you can communicate with in the right way, with the right proposition.

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Social affinity

Is your product and offer appropriate for who you're targeting? GBG Datacare social affinity helps you understand your customers' social behaviour, so you can plan your campaigns effectively.

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Location intelligence

Learn more about where your customers live, other than just their address.

Moments In Time

GBG Datacare Moments in Time (MinT) helps you identify people who have moved house, or who are about to - so you can target your products and services.

Why use GBG Datacare?

Data agnostic

We access ‘industry leading’ datasets from over 100 different providers and deliver them in a single solution, this ensures you access the greatest breadth of data available.

Volume of data

With access to so many suppliers and over 20 years in the industry, we have one of the largest consumer data pools available, meaning you maximise your results.

Dedicated compliance team

With compliance being increasingly important we have a dedicated compliance team that ensures all of the data that we source and supply meets the relevant legislation and guidelines, leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Hear what our GBG Datacare customers have to say...

GBG’s home mover intelligence solution offered unrivalled performance metrics when it was used for an energy switching campaign for USwitch. Data quality was excellent, it led to a higher than average quote conversions and a lead to sale conversion which was comparable to online generated leads for utility activities.

Capita Customer Management

GBG’s self-service solution has continued to help RSPB maintain a high level of data quality. It has ensured that RSPB maintain a consistently high level of brand reputation, through screening out deceased individuals and has made continued efficiency savings by not mailing individuals who have moved.


GBG have provided us with a great service in our recent mailing data cleanse. Their online system is easy to use and enables us to understand exactly what we are getting back and what the costs will be, before we push the button. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GBG.


GBG's data has enabled us to gain a greater insight into members who might be moving home. This means we are able to contact them at an appropriate time during their home move in order to better manage the transfer of their services to their new property. This has greatly improved the customer experience we can provide, making members' lives easier at a notoriously busy point in their lives.

Utility Warehouse

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