What it does

GBG ClaimsID helps you stop fraudulent claims that goods were “lost in transit”. It gives you a full picture of each customer’s past behaviour – so you can better decide how likely goods-lost-in-transit fraud is.

The benefits of GBG ClaimsID

Fully configured, GBG ClaimsID enables you to:

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    Stop goods-lost-in-transit fraud losses

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    Determine risk in individual customer cases

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    Improve service with more visibility into customers’ purchase history

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    Decide best delivery methods for each customer in line with likely risk eg. signed-for only

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    Reduce operational costs with faster decision making

How it works

Here’s what GBG ClaimsID can do for you:

Prevents fraud +


  • Profit from this award-winning claims management solution designed for retailers and carriers
  • Gain a complete view of customer activity – you see all transactions, deliveries, claims, previous refunds and returns


  • Stop goods-lost-in-transit fraud losses
  • Assess risk in individual customer cases
  • Make life easier for your customers who are making genuine claims

Highly manageable +


  • See and report what’s happening with detailed management information


  • Decide best individual delivery methods
  • Slash the operational costs of managing goods-lost-in-transit fraud

Additional features

GBG ClaimsID is available in retailer and carrier versions.

Fully configured implementations of GBG ClaimsID include this add-on module:

Advanced reporting +


  • Obtain more detailed information  


  • Achieve greater insights into potential goods-lost-in-transit fraud losses

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GBG ClaimsID works brilliantly when teamed with:

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  • GBG ClaimsID Brochure

    With GBG ClaimsID, delivery tracking information can be readily incorporated to provide an end-to-end view of the delivery process.

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