The more you know, the easier and faster it is to make the right decision. Equip yourself with the products and services you need – and that we provide – and you’ll be able to spot problems and stop them in their tracks.

Just as importantly, you’ll be able to understand good customers and form better relationships with them. Make the most of everything we provide – and see an improvement in everything you do.

  • GBG Activate

    Activate checks credit applications and instantly tells you who’s high value and who’s high risk

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  • GBG AdvancedCheck enables you to verify license accuracy and entitlement for all your drivers to ensure compliance through a secure online system.

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  • GBG ClaimsID

    ClaimsID helps you stop goods-lost-in-transit fraud losses by tracking customers’ past behaviour

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  • GBG Connexus

    Make life simpler. Using a wide range of data sources, Connexus helps you trace, investigate and confirm the identities of individuals quickly and easily

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  • Improve the quality and integrity of your data. GBG Datacare cleanses, validates and appends your customer’s data to help you effectively engage.

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  • GBG ID3global

    Your new customers sign up online from all over the world. ID3global helps you identify them and get them on board fast

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  • GBG Instinct

    Instinct checks new customer information against all kinds of reference data and gives you answers – fast

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  • GBG KnowYourPeople

    KnowYourPeople (KYP) is the leading employee identity-checking service in the UK

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  • GBG Marketing Services

    Make the most of your customer database. Our Marketing Services help you consolidate and enhance everything you know

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  • GBG Matchcode360

    Get your customers on board quickly and reliably. Matchcode 360 validates their identity details immediately – and adds in their social media profiles and more

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  • GBG OnlineDisclosures

    GBG OnlineDisclosures is the UK’s largest provider of criminal record checks offering a fast, automated and cost effective screening solution.

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  • GBG Predator

    Predator helps you fight fraud by constantly watching customer transactions and alerting you when things look suspicious

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  • GBG Process Manager

    Process Manager - Activate, Instinct and Predator come together in one system. That’s GBG Process Manager – helping you screen your customers and their activity

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  • Together, we’re stronger. Trade enables retailers to join forces, pool knowledge and data, take on fraud and other losses – and win

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  • GBG Transactis is a unique data source that pulls together transactional data from multiple home-shopping and e-commerce brands.

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