Published: Sunday June 10, 2007

Identity verification specialist, GB Group, has today cemented its position as the largest provider of Know Your Customer (KYC) technology to the UK prepaid card industry by announcing it has now secured the business of all of the UK's top prepaid card providers.

The Chester based PLC has announced the decision by IDT Finance - launching their brand
new reloadable card, Prime - to use its ID3 anti-money laundering and fraud prevention
technology. The move follows the recent decisions by firstprepay, M-Cube, Altair, Chequepoint and Tuxedo Money Solutions, to sign up to GB Group's award-winning technology over the last few months - and comes as industry analysts predict prepaid card transactions will reach 2.3 billion by 2010 in the UK and Europe alone.

GB Group's ID3 identity verification technology is capable of confirming the identities of over 800 million individuals in 26 countries within seconds - for an industry like prepaid cards, this information is vital.