Published: Tuesday May 13, 2014

London, 13 May 2014

ProvenWorks, a leading Salesforce AppExchange Partner, has partnered with GBGroup, a global leader in Identity Intelligence, to embed flagship international Identity Registration product, Matchcode Global, into its AddressTools products for, enabling the company to enter international markets.

The integration of Matchcode Global has enabled ProvenWorks to take the granularity of its address checking from State and Province to street level, on an international scale. Implementation of Matchcode Global allows ProvenWorks' customers to consolidate and enrich enterprise data, with end-users benefitting from fast and accurate address validation spanning more than 240 countries and territories around the world. 

GBGroup's Matchcode Global uniquely offers swift, accurate real-time global address, email, and mobile and landline telephone validation. The addresses contained within Matchcode Global data can be enriched with variables such as latitude/longitude geo-coordinates, time zone and other relevant information. GBGroup's breadth and depth of geo-code coverage is greater than that of any other vendor, enabling ProvenWorks to add a geo-code to delivery point level for countries across the globe.

The implementation of Matchcode Global will further build on ProvenWorks' industry-known reputation for second-to-none quality and customer support, with its products listed in the top 20 products on Salesforce AppExchange® out of over 2,200.

Joel Mansford, Managing Director, ProvenWorks, said: "We are delighted to be working with GBGroup to offer the very best contact data validation and registration services to all of our customers. GBGroup offers a quick and straightforward process without compromising on quality or service. Incorporating Matchcode Global has allowed us to compete with and win business, enabling us to broaden our targets to large, multinational organisations while simultaneously enhancing the quality of our products through enabling us to obtain more accurate data. We look forward to a long, successful and growing partnership with GBGroup."

David Green, Business Unit Director, GBGroup said: "Our partnership with ProvenWorks is a very exciting one and we are proud to be able to enhance its address validation services. Matchcode Global brings together the widest range of address data on an international scale, with the ability to transliterate data into multiple language character sets and append geo-codes bespoke to regions. ProvenWorks' customers will benefit from fast, intuitive and accurate international address validation, enabling them to broaden in to new markets."

About Matchcode

Matchcode is GBGroup's flagship Identity Registration product, which provides real-time global address, email, mobile and landline telephone validation and geo-coding for more than 240 territories worldwide, and has proven successful with multi-national organisations worldwide. The industry-leading global  customer registration solution is fully multi-lingual, and supports both Latin and non-Latin based languages as a cloud (SaaS) service or as a stand-alone application, and has access to premium 'expert' address data that is enhanced with street gazetteer information (AddressBasePremium), superior to that offered by the national postal authorities.

About GBGroup

The most profitable and successful organisations recognise the value of understanding the individual identity of their customers and employees. GBG combines this concept of identity with technology to create an environment of trust, so that organisations can employ people and connect, communicate and transact with consumers, safely and responsibly.

We call this Identity Intelligence.

GBGroup’s Identity Intelligence solutions include:

Register & Verify  -  International software and services for quick and accurate customer registration; and the verification of identities of individuals & businesses remotely.

Cleanse & Engage – Innovative software and services which provide accurate and up-to-date identity information to deliver improved intelligent customer contact strategies.

Employ & Comply – Thorough background checks through online verification and authentication of individuals enabling organisations to safeguard, recruit and engage with confidence.

Trace & Investigate – Leading software and services which provide the most accurate and up-to-date picture of the UK’s population, properties and businesses to quickly locate, investigate and contact the right individual, first time.

GBG's proprietary technology enable organisations to connect, communicate and transact with people safely, responsibly and profitably. In doing so, we help businesses like Ford, Barclays Bank, Aviva, Betfair, IKEA and Harrods understand their customers better to create more meaningful customer interactions - and reduce costs across the business.


About ProvenWorks

With over a decade of experience with the Microsoft development and BI stack, ProvenWorks is now fully focused on delivering quality cloud solutions to Salesforce CRM™ customers as a ISV partner. This experience has led them to deliver some of the highest rated applications on the AppExchange® enjoying a coveted "Customer Choice" award in their first year present on the AppExchange® back in 2009. Today they have over 1,500 organisations actively using their Salesforce® applications..

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