Published: Wednesday October 21, 2015


GBG, the specialist Identity Data Intelligence provider, has announced the appointment of James Miller to the role of Chief People Officer. James brings with him a strong focus on people engagement and development and joins GBG from Adobe where he held roles in San Francisco, Paris and London. James brings with him particular experience in onboarding new teams through acquisition which will be crucial in helping GBG achieve its stated growth ambitions over the next five years.  His role will encompass everything related to the overall employee experience, building on GBG’s already excellent team engagement and culture, overseeing all aspects of the GBG people strategy from traditional HR and talent management practices through to internal communications and the Group’s physical office spaces.

Richard Law, CEO of GBG says: "James' arrival is another important milestone in the development of GBG’s VOS 2020 (Vision, Objectives and Strategies), creating an environment where every team member is aware of our business plans and their personal impact on those, and is recognised and rewarded for their contribution. Our current staff engagement scores are consistently 80%+ but as we continue to bring new, multi-national, teams on board, it is vital that we concentrate on creating the culture and structures that will maintain this high level of engagement. James’ appointment gives us that focus.”

On his proposed strategy for people development, James commented: “We want to ensure all our managers and team members have the tools, skills and knowledge to deliver our strategy in a scalable manner. It will be crucial for us to grow our brand quickly and I’m really excited about joining the GBG leadership team to define how we enable all our people to achieve our ambitious growth plans.” 


About GBG

It is our vision to inform business decisions between people and organisations globally.

Data is the fuel of the digital economy and our technology connects instantly to hundreds ofdatabases across the globe, many of them on an exclusive basis. We help our clients use this data intelligently to improve their customers’ overall experience whilst adhering to their own internal risk management, fraud or compliance procedures.

Headquartered in Chester (UK) and with 18 offices across the world, GBG provides solutions to many of the world’s biggest organisations, from established brands like Nike and Harrods to disruptive newcomers such as Taskrabbit and Stripe.

It is our belief that if there’s not enough data flowing around the economy, or if it’s of poor quality, businesses will suffer. Simply put, customers need to trust that there is a clear value exchange with the organisations they interact with. That’s why trust is at the core of everything we do, and why we promote a transparent, open and responsible use of people’s personal information.


About GBG’s solutions

We provide a number of business solutions aimed at informing decision making about customers or employees in key areas:

Employing people – we provide thorough background checks through online verification of individuals and key documents such as a driver’s licence, enabling organisations to safeguard, recruit and engage with confidence.

Registering identities – GBG Matchcode360 registers identity data, such as name and address, contact information and social network IDs, quickly and with minimum impact on the customer experience.

Verifying identities –GBG ID3global provides more innovative ways of confirming identity than simply relying on credit data. It can check the identities of more than 4 billion people worldwide and also verify citizens of the world’s 35 largest economies to the rigorous standards set by the world’s financial regulators.

Building relationships– we work collaboratively with clients to make sure they use the data their customers share with them to create personalised customer journeys for each individual, responding to every interaction in real time.

Fighting fraud – with the addition of GBG Instinct and GBG Predator, our fraud prevention solutions not only check new customers’ details in real time as they register but monitor and detect application and transaction fraud on an ongoing basis.

Making connections–voted ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2015 UK Retail Fraud Awards, GBG Connexus confirms and locates the people our clients need to connect with. It saves valuable time and resource and ensures that good customers don’t incur the cost of inefficient processes.

GBG is listed on the London Stock Exchange (GBG). For more information visit