Published: Tuesday February 05, 2013

GB Group PLC, the Identity Management specialist, has announced that Nectar Italia, Italy’s first coalition loyalty programme, is using its Matchcode International solution to register customers by validating new member addresses.

The global address verification solution (AVS) is part of the portfolio of products brought into GB Group by Capscan, the company GB Group acquired in 2011. It has been deployed to manage the critical customer registration process and put the right safeguards in place to ensure that the address information provided by Nectar Italia’s members is accurate before it enters their database.

By implementing this customer information validation and cleansing system, Nectar Italia has adopted a more holistic data quality management system that will improve online sales, cut cart abandonment and reduce processes that deliver a ‘flawless and frictionless’ online shopping experience, regardless of the geographic location of the customer.

Head of IT at Nectar Italia, Francesco Tiberi, explains: “With millions of members from all around the world the cost of printing and mailing is considerable. Should a statement be returned to us undelivered, or be sent to the wrong address, particularly in a foreign country, it would represent unnecessary wastage and cost. Ensuring the right statement gets to the right household is also important for maintaining the positive brand image of Nectar Italia. GB Group helps us in both of these respects.”

The decision to adopt Matchcode International is part of Nectar Italia’s broader strategy to reap the rewards of a booming e-commerce market. Statistics show that online sales are already making up well over 10% of all retail sales, and these figures are expected to grow fast in every country. Access to retail sites by customers from mobile devices is also booming – research from Reevoo suggests an increase of 137% between 2011 and 2012. As e-commerce increases in importance, the number of shoppers from other countries, and their potential spending power, is increasing in gross value and are becoming significant sources of income for the retailers concerned.

David Green, Head of ID Customer Registration Solutions at GB Group also commented: “There’s no doubt that online commerce will continue to increase in popularity, particularly as smartphones become more accessible. If brands are to provide a successful customer loyalty and engagement programme that drives more online shopping, then they need to make sure their databases are reliable, so capturing accurate identity information about a customer when they register is essential. Our solutions verify consumer and business names, postal and email addresses as well as landline and mobile telephone numbers. For mobile verification, we currently use data from 527 mobile network providers across 188 countries, and email addresses can be validated across any country across the globe that uses SMTP.”

“GB Group’s technology ensures identity data is checked at the point of entry, flagging up inconsistencies. Not only does this ensure an organisation captures accurate data, it also means it can spot bogus or fraudulent applications – protecting it further down the line. In this way, we’re helping companies like Nectar Italia become successful in a quick, responsible and profitable way.”

About Matchcode International

Matchcode International is GB Group’s flagship global data quality management product (GDQM), which provides address verification and geo-coding for more than 240 territories worldwide and has proven successful with multi-national organisations worldwide. The industry-leading global  addressing solution is fully multi-lingual, and supports both Latin and non-Latin based languages as a stand-alone application or as an on-demand (SaaS) service, and has access to premium ‘expert’ address data that is enhanced with street gazetteer information, superior to that offered by the national postal authorities.

About GB Group plc

GB Group is a leading Identity Management business. It helps organisations recognise and verify all elements of an individual’s identity at every interaction. Through the application of our proprietary technology, we enable organisations to connect, communicate and transact with people safely, responsibly and profitably. In doing so, we help businesses like O2, Laura Ashley, HMRC, LloydsTSB, Virgin Games, PartyGaming, Betfair and Ladbrokes understand their customers better to create more meaningful customer interactions – and reduce costs across the business.

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Capscan, a trading division of GB Group, is a leading supplier of global data quality management (GDQM) and customer registration solutions. Capscan solutions ensure all customer information is verified at capture regardless of the channel of communication being used, be it postal, email or telephone, ensuring the organisation only ever has access to the highest quality contact data. Headquartered in London with more than 1800 customers worldwide, Capscan’s clients include leading blue-chip companies like Harrods, NEXT, Ford Motors, Volvo, Yamaha Motors and Brother International. For more information, please visit Capscan’s website:

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