Published: Monday December 19, 2016

In the latest instalment of our blog series showcasing some of the fantastic team members we have at GBG, we spoke to our Marketing Intern Gi-Ching Kwok about her time here so far.

Gi-Ching is currently taking time out of studying Business and PR at Liverpool John Moores University to complete a one year industrial placement with us. As our first Marketing Intern, we hope this placement will allow both she and other students joining us in the future to go back to university and enter the world of work post-graduation with the confidence and appropriate skills to succeed in their careers. 

What do you like the most about working at GBG?

The fact that it is a rapidly growing company - at the size that it’s at you’re able to get elements from GBG which you couldn’t at a bigger company. The portfolio of customers is also amazing, I love seeing how so many household names use GBG technology! Even though GBG is a large global company I feel that it is incredibly friendly, and although corporate at times, it is not what I expected at all. The Marketing team is a great example, everyone is equal and although you know different people's positions there’s no hierarchical feel. I love the team that I work with, we always have a laugh and I have felt very much part of the team since starting. Plus there’s always a lot of cake in the office!!

How do you think the internship/placement year will benefit you in the long run?

In 5 months I’ve gained so many skills and experiences which I wouldn’t have if I’d simply gone straight into my third year. Many skills are relevant to my course as well as professional development, such as being able to compose corporate social media posts, using the correct language and tone, and general skills such as time and task management. Being able to manage my time better and get everything done will be incredibly useful next year at university as well as in the workplace. It’s also given me ideas and a place to write about for my dissertation – plus I’ll be able to understand the theory more now I’ve experienced the practical side of things. I’m also hoping in the long run that graduating with these skills will make job hunting easier! It certainly does make you stand out, and gives you a taste of the “real world” which will be beneficial as 9am starts won’t feel so early anymore!

Give us a quick summary of your tasks you do on a daily basis…

What I’ve found so far is that every day and every week is different, with a range of priorities and things to do. Regular tasks include helping select industry related articles, dealing with leads in the marketing mailbox, assisting with social media posts, and updating and uploading content onto our different newsrooms. Currently my main project is social media training; planning and delivering beginners and advanced training sessions internally to help people get the most out of social media, supporting our comms strategy to increase content social sharing. I have been responsible for delivering training sessions in London, Liverpool and Chester, and have worked with other team members to take the training to our offices in Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. It’s great that I can reach out to team members on such an international scale. My next big project will involve learning about Act-On, our email automation system, by getting hands-on with an upcoming global marketing campaign.

What advice would you give to future placement students starting at GBG?

Take every opportunity that you get - whether that is speaking to different team members about the business, learning about different aspects of the company, or shadowing and attending any meetings that you have the chance to. Always give something a go, even if you feel unsure. I’ve found my favourite moments have been when someone has asked me to do something and I tell them I’m unsure but will give it a go anyway, and then end up being able to work out how to do it. Perseverance pays off! You will need a lot of that, and patience, at GBG as you work on so many different projects at once - but it really is worth it. 

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