Published: Thursday May 30, 2013

London – 30th May 2013 – GBGroup, a global leader in Identity Intelligence, has announced that its flag-ship customer registration and data quality solution, Matchcode, will now harness the information available through the government’s national address gazetteer, Addressbase. The move will not just improve Matchcode, but will also enable GBGroup to enrich the Addressbase data with other UK data sources improving the accuracy and breadth of its capabilities. This will include additional information about the address and location such as names of previous and current household occupiers, length of residency, property value and addressing data for Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, previously unavailable to Addressbase.  

The tailored solution will take advantage of an agreement between the Ordnance Survey, Royal Mail and the Government that allows Addressbase to be free at the point of use for PSMA (Public Sector Mapping Agreement) members from April 2013. This means all the addresses in the UK will no longer carry the complicated and tiresome licensing restrictions for the Public Sector and will enable them to provide a better service to citizens and stakeholders, and meet government targets on cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Unlike other products in the marketplace, Matchcode has been tailored to take full advantage of the benefits of AddressBase. It is also available as a local install and web service for data capture, lookup and verification, and also as a batch cleansing tool. Public Sector organisations like Emergency Services, Health and Local Authorities, as well as Government departments which have free access to Addressbase, through Matchcode, will now have extremely accurate address and geocoding information at their fingertips. Public Sector organisations across the UK will benefit from the significant improvements in data accuracy, consistency and quality as well as the major cost savings.

David Green, Head of ID Registration at GBGroup commented: “Our tailored AddressBase™ solution will enable organisations like local councils and central government departments to derive greater levels of efficiency and cost saving whilst enhancing the delivery of essential services to the public. It will also allow emergency services like the Ambulance Service to access the same database as the Police Force and Fire Service and help them deliver a far more coordinated and responsive service.”

Steve Huckett, Head of Support Services at GBGroup partner, Civica UK Ltd commented: “The detailed household data contained in AddressBase compared to other datasets, particularly in terms of flat numbers within buildings, has led to a far higher percentage of accuracy for duplicate flagging resulting in cost efficiencies for local councils using it to rationalise and improve their address data. Further, because AddressBase contains UPRN data we are now able to increase and improve these across the council’s data. This enables our customers to have a much clearer and more accurate picture of where and to whom they are currently providing services.”  

About Matchcode

Matchcode is a family of customer registration and data quality products that offers data capture and validation and batch data cleansing. It is currently the only solution that offers UK and international postal and email address, mobile and landline telephone number validation all through a single interface, for over 240 countries worldwide.  Matchcode is available in a number of formats with various data sets including AddressBase™, Postcode Address File (PAF), Consumer Names, Commercial, Pointer® data etc and can also include geocoding data or extended international address gazetteer data that surpass local postal authority files. There are stand-alone programs for real-time data capture, web-based solutions for online data capture and software for batch cleansing databases.

About Addressbase

Addressbase is the blending of three existing national datasets; the local government’s NLPG (National Land and Property Gazetteer), Ordnance Survey’s OS MasterMap® Address Layer 2 and the Royal Mail's PAF (Postcode Address File). It contains 28 million addresses for England and Wales, both commercial and residential, matched to the local authority Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN), and geocoding information that is accurate to 0.1m.

About GBGroup plc

GBGroup a global leading Identity Intelligence business. It helps organisations recognise and verify all elements of an individual’s identity at every interaction. Through the application of our proprietary technology, we enable organisations to connect, communicate and transact with people safely, responsibly and profitably.  In doing so, we help businesses like O2, Laura Ashley, HMRC, BBC TV Licensing, Ordnance Survey, HBoS, LloydsTSB, Virgin Games, PartyGaming, Betfair and Ladbrokes understand their customers better to create more meaningful customer interactions – and reduce costs across the business.

GBGroup is listed on the London Stock Exchange (GBG). For more information, please visit GB Group’s website:  GBGroup - because identity matters™ 

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