William Hill signs up ID3 Check from GB for international id verification

 Published: Thursday October 4, 2007

 Written by GBG News on News

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The contract with William Hill has further underlined GB’s position as the dominant player in the gaming sector.

Identity verification specialist, GB Group, has now cemented its position as the world’s largest provider of ID services to the online gambling industry by announcing it has now secured the business of all of the UK’s top operators as outlined in this year’s Power 50.

The Chester based PLC has announced that it will be providing William Hill, number 2 in this year’s eGaming Review’s Power 50, with international identity verification capability through its ID3 Check solution. The contract with William Hill has further underlined GB’s position as the dominant player in the market. It also confirms its ID3 technology as operators’ solution of choice with its capability of confirming the identities of over 800 million individuals living in 26 countries within seconds, offering front-line protection against fraud, money laundering and underage gambling. 

William Hill is using ID3 technology to verify the identities of international players to reduce the risk of underage gamblers or players from illegal territories accessing their products. It will also be using the service to collect accurate details on all new players before feeding the information into their customer contact databases for use in later player retention campaigns.

William Hill joins the 80% of the largest online gambling operators that are currently using GB’s ID3 technology through ID3   Check and its UK sister application URU

 David Hood, spokesperson for William Hill said: “As one of the  world's leading gambling operators,  we appreciate that  it is vital that we use the most robust ID verification system available to protect our customers, where ever they originate. ID3 sets the benchmark for global ID verification and strikes a much needed balance between the drive for customer acquisition and the need to support social and corporate responsibility policies. It goes far beyond the needs of the UK’s Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, all the while making it as easy as possible for genuine players to access our services.

“ We chose GB because of their diligence in extending basic ID verification standards beyond that which operators are simply required to implement. Their technology safeguards against the risks of fraud and money laundering whilst allowing us to grow our business into a truly global brand.”

ID3 Check from GB works by matching an individual’s details against an extensive range of external databases for the country from which they originate. Within seconds, it provides an authentication score that either confirms or rejects the identity of the individual, enabling operators to make instant decisions on whether to accept or decline the player.

Steve Quinn, Head of Gaming at GB,  said: “We are helping all of the world’s largest online gambling operators to safeguard their customers and shareholder value against identity fraud, money laundering and underage gambling. For these operators, our ID3 Check solution also serves as a powerful demonstration to governments who may currently be reviewing legislation affecting the online gaming sector that the industry is strategically committed to responsible gambling.”