GB Group announces strong commitment to its ID3-Check service for international ID verification

 Published: Tuesday February 20, 2007

 Written by GBG News on News

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GB Group has today announced significant progress in the uptake of its ID3-Check service, launched at last year's EIG gaming event in Barcelona.

ID3-Check follows on from the success of URU™, which the majority of gaming operators use to verify the identity of their UK customers in order to combat age and identity fraud.

Probability Gaming has committed to GB Group as a strategic partner for identity verification of all its customers, using both URU and ID3-Check. It joins a number of organisations across the globe who have partnered with GB Group to combat age and identity fraud at an international level. 
Charles Cohen, CEO of Probability Gaming explains: "We have been working with the team at GB Group for some time now, and have already used URU to build a robust "end to end" mobile ID and age verification tool for UK players. The service processes thousands of new customers quickly and reliably.  
“Since mobile gaming is a new sector, and given the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones, it is even more important that we use the best tools and technologies on the market to prevent underage and fraudulent play. The addition of an international tool to the ID3 platform has meant that we can now ensure we have the same robust procedures for all our customers, regardless of where they are located.”
The quality of the checks guarantee we meet our regulatory requirements in the UK and internationally, without having to compromise the user experience in any way.  ID3-Check's match rates are exceptional and we look forward to working with GB Group to address the challenges of maximising legitimate customer sign-up rates." 
Emma Lindley, GB Group's Head of Leisure and Retail for DataAuthentication confirms: "Clients understand that the ability to integrate ID3-Check seamlessly into their existing customer sign-up processes is giving them the same value as they have come to expect from URU.  The ever-changing regulatory environment in the sector means that operators need to adopt a consistent approach to age and ID verification.  
“Operators such as Probability Gaming are setting the benchmark by adopting a pro-active stance and exceeding regulatory requirements for sifting out legitimate players from potential fraudsters. By using our technology, they are able to meet the demands of the online gaming industry and its regulators. This strict approach to social and corporate responsibility can only have a positive effect on the overall brand reputation, and, ultimately, shareholder value."