Behind the scenes of Yapital's secure registration: Cooperation between Yapital and GBGroup

 Published: Tuesday March 11, 2014

 Written by GBG News on News

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GBGroup, a global leader in identity intelligence solutions, guarantees smooth registration of new Yapital customers with its state-of-the-art ID3global software


London,  11 March 2014


Modern consumers want to use highly-advanced technologies to purchase and trade, safe in the knowledge they are doing so securely. Easy, convenient and secure purchase with Yapital begins with the registration process: Yapital's new partnership with GBGroup will ensure that customers are verified quickly and accurately, enabling them to purchase goods and services on the web, on mobile and in store.

GBGroup's verification technology scans over 170 databases in seconds, and compares details including the name and address of the customer against records from public databases including phone directories and residential registers. As an e-money institution licensed in Luxembourg, Yapital is subject to the strict regulations of Luxembourg's financial supervisory authority. GBGroup's online verification process helps Yapital to meet these requirements.

"Thanks to the cooperation with GBGroup we can offer our users a simple but secure registration process", says Nils Winkler, Chairman of the Board at Yapital. "This means that immediately after the registration our customers can use Yapital to pay online, by mobile, in-store and through invoices."

Glenn Porter, General Manager of International Identity Verification at GBGroup, said: "We are delighted to be working with Yapital to ensure their customers can purchase goods and services in a safe and secure environment. The importance of fast and secure identity verification is pivotal, and this partnership will ensure that the verification process is efficient and secure."


About Yapital Financial AG

Yapital is the first European, cross-channel cashless payment solution operating across all channels: in-store, mobile, online and by invoice. Operation is easy, fast and secure: following online registration, the user can immediately make payments, send and receive money with Yapital, across all channels. For business customers, Yapital is a guaranteed means of payment - this provides process security and reduces administrative costs. In addition, Yapital seamlessly covers all trade and service channels, thus enables marketing channels to be converted into sales channels. Yapital was established in 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Otto Group. Yapital Financial AG is licensed in Luxembourg as an Electronic Money Institution.

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Martin Zander 
Yapital Financial AG 
Tel: +352 203 10 111

About GBGroup

The most profitable and successful organisations recognise the value of understanding the individual identity of their customers and employees. GBG combines this concept of identity with technology to create an environment of trust, so that organisations can employ people and connect, communicate and transact with consumers, safely and responsibly.

We call this Identity Intelligence.

GBGroup’s Identity Intelligence solutions include:

Register & Verify  -  International software and services for quick and accurate customer registration; and the verification of identities of individuals & businesses remotely.

Cleanse & Engage – Innovative software and services which provide accurate and up-to-date identity information to deliver improved intelligent customer contact strategies.

Employ & Comply – Thorough background checks through online verification and authentication of individuals enabling organisations to safeguard, recruit and engage with confidence.

Trace & Investigate – Leading software and services which provide the most accurate and up-to-date picture of the UK’s population, properties and businesses to quickly locate, investigate and contact the right individual, first time.

For any further information, please contact:

Kei Hau, GBGroup
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