20 December 2010 ACORN Geo-Demographic Data Now Compatible With Matchcode from Capscan

 Published: Monday December 20, 2010

 Written by GBG News on Archived News

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London –20th December 2010 –  Geo-demographic dataset increases understanding of customers and improves targeting for organisations

Capscan, a leading supplier of UK and international address management solutions and data quality services, today announces that its Matchcode software will now support ACORN (A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods) geo-demographic segmentation data which is available under separate licence from CACI. When used in conjunction with Capscan’s Matchcode to capture or cleanse UK customer address data, ACORN adds significant value to that data with accurate customer profiling, targeting and analysis, to increase engagement with customers and deliver successful overall marketing strategies.

Created by CACI, a leading provider of marketing solutions and information systems; ACORN is a geo-demographic segmentation of the UK’s population which segments small neighbourhoods, postcodes, or consumer households into five Categories, 17 Groups and 56 Types, based upon census data and other information such as lifestyle surveys. By supporting ACORN data, Matchcode is able to deliver users with an increased understanding of the customers and prospects related to the address data held within the database, which helps organisations to target, acquire, manage and develop profitable relationships.

Terry Hiles, Managing Director of Capscan, comments, “Adding value to accurate, raw address data can help open up local market opportunities for organisations, or even help public sector organisations focus their resources on the needs of local communities. By supporting the use of ACORN data, Capscan is giving organisations confidence in the data they hold, to do more than just communicate more effectively, but also gain real value from it.”

Used in conjunction with the Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF) to capture valid, complete and accurate UK address data in Matchcode, ACORN delivers an organisation with enhanced, useable segmentation and profiling information, adding significant value and delivering ROI to sales and marketing activities.

Capscan also supports a range of geographic, geo-demographic and lifestyle data sets, which also includes name data, Ordnance Survey data for mapping, Geocoding, latitude and longitude, Local Authority Ward codes and consumer names.