Shareholder services

Shareholder services

GBG is aware that there may be times when shareholders may wish to contact the Company when there are changes in their circumstances (such as when they have moved house or have got married and have changed their name). There may also be occasions when a share certificate has been misplaced or lost and a duplicate copy is required. In such instances, GBG’s registrar, Equiniti, is able to deal with these enquiries and take the necessary action.

Share scams

Shareholders should be aware that fraudsters may try and use high pressure tactics to lure investors into share scams. Information on share scams can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website,


As a GBG shareholder you can elect to have your dividends paid directly into a UK bank or building society account. A dividend mandate form can be accessed by clicking here. GBG encourages all shareholders to use this facility to prevent lost or unclaimed dividends (when sent out by cheque).

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”)

GBG operates a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRIP”) which enables its shareholders to buy the GBG’s shares on the London Stock Market by reinvesting their cash dividend. Further information about the DRIP is available from Equiniti.The Equiniti shareholder helpline number is 0371 384 2030

What is a DRIP?

  • A plan which allows shareholders to use their cash dividends to buy more shares in their company.
  • You can elect to use your cash dividend to purchase additional shares.
  • Whole shares are purchased and any residue money is carried forward and added to the next dividend.
  • If the amount of the dividend less any dealing costs is insufficient to purchase one share no charge is made and the dividend is carried forward.
  • Following declaration of the dividend and exercise of the DRIP you will be sent a share purchase advice, share certificate and tax voucher.

Dividend history

Below is a full dividend history for the Company. 

Year Dividend type Dividend rate
2017Final Dividend2.35p
2016Final Dividend2.08p
2015Final Dividend1.65p
2014Final Dividend1.5p
2013Final Dividend1.375p
2012Final Dividend1.27p
2011Final Dividend1.20p
2010Final Dividend1.15p
2009Final Dividend1.00p
2008Final Dividend0.75p
2007Final Dividend0.75p
2006Final Dividend0.5p
2005Final Dividend0.5p
2004Final Dividend0.5p
2003Final Dividend0.5p