We provide identity data intelligence services to customers, using our acquisition-based model, resources and expertise to create value that is shared with our stakeholders.


It is not only our global reach that differentiates GBG from our competitors; we are specialists in our field. With our wide base of data partnerships, we lead the market. We bring together more data than anyone else in our field; we are data agnostic – meaning our technology is designed to assimilate and analyse data from any source and in any format. We continuously develop new propositions, often in collaboration with our customers so they can respond to fast-changing market and regulatory requirements.

Whilst competitors may be larger than GBG, they have a more limited data pool from which to source intelligence. We are trusted partners of the numerous external organisations who share data with us. This also includes strong relationships with our largest competitors; while we compete with them for specific solutions, we also see them as strategic partners for identity related data, especially credit data. This concept of “coopetition” – co-operation with competitors – places GBG as the leader at the very heart of the global identity data intelligence market.