GBG brings together data relating to the identities of over 4.4 billion people. This ‘identity data intelligence’ helps organisations make good decisions about people when managing risk, fighting fraud, capturing and managing personal data, and considering whether or not someone is suitable for employment.

Our award-winning solutions have applications globally and are delivered via customisable Software as a Service (‘SaaS’), mobile and on-premises platforms to thousands of organisations in more than 70 countries.

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Understanding identity data intelligence

We describe ourselves as specialists in this field. To understand this definition it can be broken down into its three components:

  • Identity - the characteristics by which we’re all known, including official, attributed, biometric and behavioural factors
  • Identity data - GBG has partnerships with over 200 data providers around the world, both public and private sector, giving us access to an unrivalled breadth of identity data
  • Identity data intelligence - our best-in-class technology references this identity data, giving organisations the intelligence they need to make decisions about the consumers they serve and the people they employ

Our fuel

We combine trillions of data records from all over the world relating to people’s identity to help our customers make the right decisions. Our market-leading data aggregation process brings together data from more than 200 partners and over 400 datasets.


  • Facial
  • Fingerprint
  • Retina
  • DNA
  • Voice


  • Usage patterns
  • Hobbies and habits
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Frequented destinations
  • Cookies


  • Passport
  • Bank account details
  • Driving licence
  • Social security
  • Qualifications


  • Address
  • Device IDs
  • Social IDs
  • IP addresses

Our clients

We currently support over 15,000 customers across the world, in both private and public sector.

The organisations we serve need identity data intelligence to protect themselves from financial crime or regulatory non-compliance and to improve the overall experience they offer customers - with the ultimate goal of improving their overall business.

Our technology spans employee screening, customer on-boarding and fraud management across all B2C sectors. We support customers globally in traditional banking, government, utilities, retail and transport as well as newly emerging industries such as eCommerce, online gaming, cryptocurrency and mobile payments.

As we have grown, our most successful clients have grown and many of our client relationships stretch back more than 20 years.

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