Driving Licence Check

Protect your business from illegal drivers and the associated risks to safety and company reputation

Driving licence checks with automated scheduled rechecks and real-time risk reporting.

Our real time, direct access to DVLA information enables you to quickly and easily check your drivers’ licence status. Be confident your drivers have a valid licence with entitlement to drive the vehicles required for their role.

  • Faster check results – use our online application form for the driver
  • Check for endorsements and convictions, including:
    • the number of points a driver holds
    • if any points are for driving under the influence of drink or drug offences
    • if they’ve been disqualified and are therefore driving illegally

Be informed of changes - Monitor driver status for effective risk management.

  • Monitor drivers’ entitlement - setup automated scheduled rechecks, the frequency determined by your policies and attitude to driver risk profiles
  • Emailed alerts provided real time, identify high risk drivers who shouldn’t be driving - so you can take action sooner
  • Complete summary of your drivers. View  the audit trail, see their status, when they were last checked and the date of their next scheduled check. Have visibility of high risk drivers using the online Driver Statistics and Risk Report

Why use this check?

The Road Traffic Act 1988 (section 87) states that it’s not only an offence for a person to drive without a valid licence for the class of vehicle, it is also an offence for a person to cause or permit another person to drive without a valid licence.

Driving licence checking, validation and continually monitoring for changes is essential if your employees drive on business.

  • Turnaround time: real time result online when using electronic Fair Processing Declaration

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