How do you cope with the challenges of compliance, risk and corporate governance? With difficulty, unless you’ve got full control over the data you hold on customers and employees. Today's organisations need to find a way to balance their compliance obligations with the need for smooth and easy customer processes.

  • Do you need to perform money laundering (AML) or KYC checks on a global basis?
  • Can you meet all your employment law obligations without imposing a cumbersome checking process on all your staff and contractors?
  • Are you confident that your player sign up processes will screen out underage or vulnerable people to meet your responsible gaming obligations?
  • Are you monitoring transactions on a continuous basis to pick up on any emerging threats?

We can support you through all your compliance needs - from the initial screening and onboarding of staff and customers to defining a continuous programme of checks that help you stay one step ahead.

Products to help you meet your compliance needs


Checks all credit applications instantly to determine the risk potential - allowing you to identify the high-value from the high-risk

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Carry out KYC checks electronically to meet all your AML compliance needs without impacting on customer experience

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GBG Predator constantly monitors customer accounts for suspicious transactions

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