Verifying age online is a hot issue for sectors such as online gaming and online retail as well as the more traditional ones such as financial services. Online gaming sites need to block minors from using their services; retailers need to ensure they are not allowing 18+ products to be sold to minors; and the rise of pre-paid cards challenges financial services to include age verification at the point of card registration.

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The growth of social networking and the emergence of user-generated content on the web have led to fears about whom children are meeting online. How to confirm the identity of "friends" about whom little is known - and nothing is verified - is a major challenge.

Verifying an individual’s age online without the use of an electronic ID checking solution is difficult. Businesses need to trade - and take positive steps to be seen to trade responsibly. Brands need to consider the damage that could be done if they don’t verify age or identity as appropriate; reputations that take decades to build up can be ruined in hours through negative press.

GBG’s identity verification solution can provide age verification for more than 4 billion citizens globally, allowing you to meet your compliance requirements, protect your revenues and brand from negative exposure and at the same time protect your customers - all without hindering the experience for the genuine adult customer. 

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  • GBG ID3global brochure

    GBG ID3global is an ID verification solution from GBG that pushes the boundaries of innovation. It’s a flexible model that emulates and enhances your own business processes wherever you’re located, making it fit for purpose whatever the scale of your organisation.

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