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Give your business a head start in Ireland. Currently, 35% of property addresses in the Republic of Ireland don’t have a unique name or number. They share their address details with one or more properties located nearby. From July 2015, Ireland’s Eircode project finally saw the launch of an advanced postcode system country-wide. Eircode with GBG Matchcode360 will help your business improve deliveries and gain a clearer picture of Irish customers. 

18 December 2015

Eircodes: Trade Safely and Effectively in Ireland

Join GBGs Product Manager Tobin Broadfoot and special guest Gill Jones, Eircode specialist and member of the Universal Postal Union, Addressing Committee, which has set address standards for 10 years in a live 30 minute webinar. The webinar will explain the far-reaching business implications of Eircodes – including

  • How GBG technology can help;
  • How Businesses can improve the physical consumer adoption of Eircodes, whilst improving business efficiency;
  • What Eircodes REALLY mean for the Irish people and business operating within and outside Ireland;
  • Eircode data myths;
  • How to integrate Eircodes quickly and easily to your customer records with GBG.

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Taking place on:

  • Monday 14th December 2015 at 2:00pm
  • Wednesday 16th December 2015 at 11:00am
  • Friday 18th December 2015 at 11:00am

Transform your customer address data. Trade with confidence.

Backed by over thirty years’ experience in global address management, GB Group’s Eircode integration ensures that every residential or commercial address record you hold for every customer in Ireland is unique, verified and correct. Validate and enhance your address records in sub-seconds. Drive efficiency and reduce loss and commercial risk.

  • Prevent fraudulent property details;
  • Eliminate failed or incorrect deliveries;
  • Understand precisely where each property is physically sited;
  • The ability to target sales and promotional campaigns.

Eircode integration features

  • Batch integration allows you to append unique Eircodes to your existing Irish Commercial and Residential address records;
  • Rapidly capture Eircode information for new customers;
  • Improve user experience by serving address options on-the-fly in online registration forms using our Power Search tool, improving the adoption and use of the Eircode;
  • Detect and match alternative aliases and spellings for addresses quickly and easily;
  • Physically pinpoint any property location with the unique geo-code;
  • Explore further options in live validation of email and mobile data as well as enhancing data with Social Sync.

30 + Years of Expertise with Matchcode360

GBG uses market leading technology and data from across the world to minimise risk and maximise opportunities for transacting in a global marketplace. 60% of UK data bureaus use GBG address management software for client customer databases. Clients such as Betfair, Zurich, Money Supermarket and Tesco benefit from our global cloud solutions built on Rackspace technology.