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We'll help you verify your drivers, so you're not held liable.

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drivers are disqualified every year


of drivers have points on their license

1 million

drivers in the UK are 3 points away from losing their license

10 million

drivers don't know when their license expires

Do you face any of these issues?

Risk of liability

You're worried you could be held liable if one of your drivers is involved in an accident.

Missing or false data

You think you've done enough to check your employees' driving licenses, but how do you know they're telling the truth?

Bad past experience

You've been stung in the past when you haven't checked the background of one of your drivers - and you don't want it to happen again.

Employers have a duty of care to ensure employees who are required to drive on behalf of the company are fully licensed and have the correct entitlements.

Make the right decision.

It's essential you fully understand the people you employ, especially if they drive as part of their work. Have confidence that your drivers are appropriately insured and licensed with online, real-time DVLA license checks. There's no excuse. Don't risk liability.

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What are driving license checks?

Driving license checks enable you to quickly and efficiently validate a driving license number, before checking the information with the DVLA database. You can understand whether your drivers have valid driving licenses, and whether they have any offences, penalty points or if they are disqualified. You'll be alerted instantly in the case of an unlicensed driver, so you can take the necessary action. Driving license checks can enable you to efficiently manage and obtain not only driving license information, but also MOT, tax and insurance checks.

Check the driving history of new employees before they start, and also carry out regular checks and monitoring of existing employees to identify any changes in their driving status.

DVLA license checks give you peace of mind that your drivers are legally entitled to be on the road, so they're not putting anyone at risk. Prevent an incident before it strikes, and protect your reputation.


Driving license check features

Get a complete view of all your drivers

With our inclusive algorithmic driving license check, we'll show you if any of your drivers:

  • Have endorsements or points
  • Are currently disqualified
  • Have an expired license or category
  • Have had their license revoked
  • Have a provisional license
  • Have given you a wrong address
  • Have any restrictions

Know your drivers.

Scheduled check

We're all busy - and things can slip your mind easily. Our scheduled check feature automatically carries out ongoing monitoring of your drivers, tailored to your risk-based approach. So cancel that reminder and relax knowing that we'll do it for you.

Completely online service

Our secure online system enables you to carry out multiple processes all in one place, in real time - it's that simple.

Accurate data

We use data sourced from DVLA information to carry out our driving license checks, so the results you receive are the most accurate and up to date.

Proactive alerts

You'll be the first to know if one of your drivers is unauthorised to be on the road. We'll email and phone you in high risk cases, so you can take action as soon as possible.

Audit trail

Compliance is key. Our detailed online audit trail means you can rest assured that you're checking driving licenses compliantly.


We'll provide you with expert advice and guidance on current legislation and industry changes, so you're always ahead of the curve.

Bespoke support

Our driving license check solution includes bespoke training and helpdesk support, so we're always here to help. You'll even get your very own dedicated account management team.


Our driving license checks are ISO27001 certified.

Grey fleet

If you have a fleet of drivers in your organisation, you can add MOT, tax and insurance checks to your driving license checks solution to provide additional insights and reassurance that they're entitled to be on the road.

Management information

You'll be able to easily view, manage and sort driving licence checks results in handy management reports, so you can understand and assess risk easily.

Why you should do driving license checks

Reduce risk

People make mistakes - we're all human. Online driving license verification prevents the errors associated with manual checking. Driving license checks reduce the risk of misinterpreted information, fraud and dishonesty.

React quickly

Our alert service will give you an instant warning if a driver shouldn't be on the road, so you can make fast and efficient decisions to protect your business.

Reduce your costs

Hiring people is an expensive process, so you don't want to have to do it again once you realise the driver you employed first is illegal. Hire the right person, the first time with driving license checks. Plus, electronic checks cost less per driver than manual checks - saving you money with each check you make.

Employ people quicker

We can help you employ the right people, quickly, ensuring they've gone through all the necessary checks.

Increase efficiency

Manage multiple drivers all at once by using filters to refine your search and view similar drivers in a group. Make the right decisions, quickly.


You don't want to be held liable when one of your drivers is involved in an incident. The Road Traffic Act and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) require employers to verify driving licences and continuously monitor any changes. You can demonstrate your duty of care through an online audit trail.

Protect your business

They say all publicity is good publicity - but is that really the case when you've been held liable for an incident? Understand any drivers that could potentially be putting your business at risk and prevent any damage to your brand reputation and your customer relationships.

Don't take our word for it, hear from our customers...

As a leading provider of bus and coach services across the UK and, through our megabus.com operation, our growing network of services to and within Europe, our team consists of many thousands of staff. As such, we have a number of processes to ensure that our driving team are professional, safe, and customer focused. As part of this, it is essential that all our drivers hold the correct qualifications and licences, and undergo comprehensive, thorough initial and ongoing training. To ensure an extra layer of checks, Stagecoach UK Bus contracted GBG to carry out electronic driving licence checks on all licence holders, as we recognise that paper checks are not foolproof, and counterpart licences have been abolished. The results can give our passengers reassurance that all our drivers are full equipped to drive the vehicles they are travelling on.


I cannot sing their praises highly enough. GBG provides an excellent service and an easy to use system. It saves us so much time and the hassle of chasing drivers for their licence.

FedEx UK

Previously I just hoped our drivers were okay, now I am 100% sure that all of our drivers have a current and valid licence.

Audi, Perth

GBG products to help with driving license checks

GBG AdvancedCheck

GBG AdvancedCheck enables you to verify licence accuracy and entitlement for all your drivers and monitor driving records – completely online. View driving licence check results, sourced from source DVLA information, and risk management reports on our secure online system.

GBG AdvancedCheck
GBG KnowYourPeople

GBG KnowYourPeople is a leading UK employee identity checking service, givign you the intelligence to confirm recruits are who they say they are, so you can remain compliant.

GBG KnowYourPeople

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