Uniting businesses in the fight against fraud

Data sharing helps us all detect fraudsters faster

A data sharing solution trusted by hundreds of businesses

Why choose GBG for your data sharing solution?

Be part of a community

By pooling data with a range of other businesses, you’ll be better protected – and help others out too.

Reduce risks

Being able to see the whole view of the customer means you can identify fraudsters earlier.

Stay ahead

Makes it easier to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated technology used by criminals.


We’re stronger together

Fraud is an ever-growing issue, and tackling the problem together is much more effective than dealing with it in isolation.

We can help you collaborate with companies across a huge variety of sectors to harness the power of sharing data in the global fight against fraud.

Our data sharing fraud solution also…

Tailors data, rules and scorecards to facilitate information sharing

Verifies customer data for consistencies, inconsistencies or unusual behaviour

Gives you access to industry level blacklist data, scorecards and rule sets

Hear from our Fraud Bureau customers

A loss prevention platform with a universal layer of fraud data that addresses the cyber threats (we) face each day.

John Pears, Shop Direct

GBG Fraud Bureau: share, collaborate, protect

Fraud Bureau benefits a variety of products such as credit cards loans, sales finance, motor vehicle finance and insurance products.

By pooling your knowledge with other businesses, you’re provided with comprehensive protection from the second there’s an attack.

Talk to our specialists about combating fraud

Contact the GBG Fraud Bureau team to find out how we can empower you to combat fraud faster and more thoroughly.

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