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Customers are at the heart of every business. But how much do you really know about yours? Data privacy is a hot topic - and customers don’t always want to hand over their personal information.

But by using customer and location intelligence you can really start to understand your customers just by looking at the basic information they provide. See their demographics and social media presence, plus find out more about the precise location and details of their property.

All this, without intruding on anyone’s privacy. It’s information which is already out there. GBG have the technology to map and use the details.

The benefits

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    Customer demographics

    Really get to know your customers simply using their address. Improve your conversion rates by using specifically targeted marketing communications

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    Better connected

    Our Social Sync product appends the data your customers provide with their social media ID. By identifying their profiles, you’ll be able to communicate with them where they are most active

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    Understand their environment

    Use property attribute data and really get to know where your customers live. You’ll be able to make decisions based on the specification of their property, from number of bedrooms to age and type

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