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Life at GBG with our Melbourne-based Marketing Manager

 Published: Wednesday December 21, 2016

 Written by Richard Law on Blog Entry

In the second instalment of our new blog series showcasing the incredibly talented team members we have here at GBG, we spoke to our Melbourne-based Marketing Manager Marisa Battistel. I’ve been working as part of the global marketing team for two years, and joined the GBG family shortly after the acquisition of DecTech Solutions.

Just how easy is it for under-18s to gamble?

 Published: Friday December 2, 2016

 Written by Richard Law on Blog Entry

A blog post by Nigel Clark, General Manager for electronic identity verification at GBG. In an experimental mood some 12 months ago, I decided to open a new gambling account with a UK high street Operator. The account was for my 15 year old son...

What does identity verification really mean for the NHS?

 Published: Tuesday November 29, 2016

A blog post by Tamlyn Thompson, Managing Director of IDscan - a GBG company. According to The Department of Health’s Chris Wormald, patients may soon have to show two different forms of identification if they’re to receive certain types of NHS care.

3 important reasons to cleanse your address data before this holiday season

 Published: Tuesday November 15, 2016

A post by Phil Ward, Business Development Manager at GBG. Christmas is quite literally around the corner and we all know how manic it can get. To help ensure your company gets the most out of this season of giving, we’ve put together 3 of the most important reasons to cleanse your data before the big rush.

Gaming in Africa goes BiG

 Published: Wednesday October 19, 2016

 Written by Peter Murray on Blog Entry

A post by Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at GBG. Whilst the majority of the gaming industry in Europe enjoys the hospitality of Berlin at EIG, I’m gearing up for speaking at the BiG Africa Summit being held in Cape Town next week - and further extending our support for clients into the emerging markets.

CySEC regulated Windsor Brokers embrace electronic verification

 Published: Friday October 14, 2016

A blog by Jonathan Mathen, Global Account Manager at GBG. Across the globe, more and more organisations are embracing the benefits that digitisation and automation can bring to their business. The world of compliance is no different, particularly in regards to using electronic verification for Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

Have UK jockeys been the victims of a data leak?

 Published: Friday October 7, 2016

A post by Nigel Clark, General Manager for UK ID Verification at GBG. Following a string of frauds targeting UK jockeys, the Professional Jockeys Association (PJA) has declared that High Street banks are ‘unwilling or incapable’ of preventing the incidents and has advised that jockeys move their money elsewhere.

The time is now for age verification in online retail

 Published: Monday September 19, 2016

 Written by Richard Law on Blog Entry

A post by Richard Law, Chief Executive Officer at GBG. Reliably verifying somebody’s age is vital. If a 16 year old teenager in Britain walked into their local supermarket and attempted to buy age restricted products such as alcohol or knives, we know that current legislation and schemes such as ‘Challenge 25’ mean they’d be asked to prove their age before they were able to do so.

The Future of Australian Financial Crime

 Published: Friday September 16, 2016

A post by Marisa Battistel, Marketing Manager for GBG. This year GBG DecTech partnered with the Australian Financial Crime Summit to bring together regulators, law enforcers and industry experts from Australia and overseas to discuss and prepare for the future of financial crime.

When it comes to DBS compliance, employers may be unwittingly breaking the law

 Published: Tuesday September 6, 2016

A post by Mark Sugden, Director of Business Development at GBG. An Alton-based carer has recently hit the headlines after working despite having been barred from the profession. To do so, the 51 year old woman falsely claimed that a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate was valid – allowing her access to a number of vulnerable individuals.

How can Corbyn ensure Labour’s Digital Citizen Passport is a success?

 Published: Tuesday September 6, 2016

A post by Nick Brown, Group Managing Director at GBG. Hopefully not eclipsed by the rather bizarre ‘Traingate’ scandal, Jeremy Corby’s recent announcement of Labour Party plans for a Digital Citizen Passport is a clear acknowledgement of the value both citizens and Government can derive from interacting online, as well as the making personal data available in order to make these transactions relevant and trustworthy.

The first rule of the Olympics: Don’t talk about the Olympics

 Published: Wednesday August 31, 2016

A post by Sophie Lennox, Product Manager at GBG. The 2016 Rio Olympics have now drawn to a close, yet much of the controversy surrounding them continues to simmer. Doping was undoubtedly the biggest scandal of the games, with Russia initially facing the prospect of a blanket ban due to concerns over widespread, state-sponsored doping.

Can financial institutions provide friction-free customer experiences?

 Published: Thursday August 25, 2016

A post by Barney Gregory, Corporate Business Development Director at GBG. Balancing regulatory requirements with customer experience is like walking a tightrope, and it’s one on which many businesses have lost their footing. For regulated traditional financial institutions and Fintech disruptors, the complex regulatory frameworks they must adhere to can often make this challenge all the greater.