Bank Validation

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Bank Validation

The way we spend is changing. From new technologies like Apple Pay, to direct debits and PayPal, it’s important to be on top. Which is where GBG comes in.

Bank account validation, offered within the GBG Matchcode360 solution, checks your customers’ bank account number and sort code at the point of registration. It’s a silent check, which leaves no footprint on a credit file. So however they choose to pay, you know you’ve got the correct details.

Reduce non-payments

Collect your customers correct bank account details at the point of registration, ensuring a smooth customer journey.

Improve customer service

There’s no need to double key information. Our platform checks the details straight away, ensuring data is entered right first time. Also reduce frustrations over failed payments, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

Cost saving

Reduce failed payments and their associated reprocessing fees. Saving everyone time and money


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