Address Validation

It’s simple. Address validation gives you the most complete view of UK addresses. Using a single interface, search multiple databases of address and location data.

GBG’s recent analysis found there are over 3,000,000 properties not on Royal Mail’s standard postal address file, and not available through other addressing solutions. That’s a staggering 10% of UK properties.

Part of the unique GBG Matchcode360 solution, address validation includes these extra 3,000,000 addresses. Read on and find out how to give your company the edge.

The benefits

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    Cost savings

    Improved registration means satisfied customers. Increase conversion and boost your overall income

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    Customer experience

    Minimise key strokes, reduce cart abandonment and improve your registration process

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    Data quality

    Improve the quality of your data. No need for mass data cleansing and additional customer questions

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