Retail Banking

Keep up with compliance in an increasingly digital marketplace. Onboard customers and process applications quickly, smoothly and stay protected against even the most sophisticated forms of fraud.

  • Seamless

    Customers want to open accounts and make transactions as quickly and easily as possible, without having to provide multiple documents or visit a branch.

  • Secure

    Fraud is always evolving, banks need to be protected now but they also need to ensure that they are safeguarded against new kinds of attack.

  • Compliant

    The more regions a business operates in, the more regulations they will have to meet, requiring them to ask for more information from their customers.


Quickly and safely onboard your customers against the most up-to-date identity and age data in a frictionless journey.

Global reach

Meet global compliance regulations and provide a frictionless onboarding experience for customers no matter where they are.


Tailor your rules and requirements based on the risks you face, regulations you need to meet and details you need from your customers.

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Validate identity documents instantly to keep out bad actors, meet KYC and AML regulations and provide a state-of-the-art digital journey.

Mobile banking

All document checks can be performed using a smartphone, with results delivered in a matter of seconds.

Worldwide security

IDscan can verify documents from all over the world and our machine-learning technology can detect fake or altered documents from evidence invisible to the human eye.

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Detect and prevent application fraud by checking customer registration details against multiple different types of reference and behavioural data.

Always evolving

Continue to link new applications to existing cases and ensure checks are comprehensive as you continue to use the service.


Access a huge library of rules and select only those you need to reduce risk for your business.

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Track all the transactions carried on your service and watch for any indication of fraudulent behaviour, no matter how sophisticated.

Optimise efficiency

Ensure resources remain focused on the important cases and keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Build trust

Demonstrate you’re protected against even the newest trends in financial crime to meet AML regulations and build trust with customers and partners.

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Over 20,000 customers globally

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