Reduce customer drop-off with one-touch digital onboarding

Be customer-centric with one-touch digital onboarding

If you're asking new customers to download an App on their smartphone or tablet to process their credit card, mortgage or loan application, you're causing friction. But how do you get around this? GBG IDscan’s new web-based Software Development Kit (SDK) eliminates the need for an App. This gives your customers a consistent one-touch digital onboarding journey whatever device they're using.

  • Increase conversion

    How to improve your conversion rate and overall identity verification experience

  • Be consistent

    How to implement consistent one-touch digital onboarding across any channel.

  • Full configuration

    How to create a fully configurable customer journey in just 10 seconds.

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We are a Forex system developer, what is the initial cost to onboard with the system?

The cost depends on the journey type. Some organisations simply scan an identity document as they meet their customers face-to-face and have no need to perform additional steps. This is the simplest journey. Others may offer digital self-onboarding where the customer is not present. These journeys include further steps (e.g. Face-Matching and Liveness checks). Our sales team can recommend the appropriate solution for you.

I have previously used other similar solutions. How does GBG IDscan WebSDK differ and are there any additional benefits over this?

GBG IDscan WebSDK is the only web-based SDK that offers full feature-parity with its native Android and iOS counterparts. Its SmartCapture technology also automatically recognises and classifies documents in- browser using auto-focus, glare/blur detection and immediate capture. This eliminates friction for the customer by reducing the number of steps in the onboarding journey.

Would you advise new customers to use the web-based SDK over the mobile App SDKs?

Yes, but not at the expense of existing integrations. We identified a gap for customers who had invested substantial time and resources their mobile apps. We built our WebSDK with the express hope of bridging that gap. Whether your customer downloads your app or uses your website, they get the same, frictionless onboarding experience.

Can the SDK be downloaded so a similar demo can be created?

Our Professional Services Teams will provide the SDK in a deployable format. Initial deployment is near instant and your UX/developers will be able to customize the raw deployment.

Is it pure OCR, or is it able to read the MRZ on passports?

IDscan extracts data points from the document’s Visible Inspection Zone and the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ). These fields are cross-referenced to the photograph on the document and, following further checks, a decision is made.

Will you be implementing iProov in the Web-based SDK?

At this stage, only IDscan's liveness process is included. However, GBG's Identity Solution will allow for additional liveness providers to be integrated.

For the ID Document capture journeys available - as examples I could see options for front, front and back - will there still be an option that automatically knows from the ID document what is required rather than the customer selecting it?

Yes, but the choice of whether to include both the front and back of dual-sided documents is configured for each customer. Should only the front side be included by the customer in the journey, and a dual-sided document is presented, then only the front side will be requested.

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