Good, clean, accurate data drives great customer onboarding

GBG's Andy Chrascina explains the importance of good data to create fast and frictionless onboarding customer experiences:


A good customer sign-up process is really important because the expectations from the consumer are really high and at the same time, you have to be able to balance that with the processes around risk and compliance.
The major conflict that a company has when engaging with a consumer is capturing enough information to balance their risk and Compliance requirements, and enabling that consumer to engage with them so quickly that they become a customer and don't lose patience and go elsewhere to a competitor.
The benefit to a consumer is to be able to engage with that company and their website, and consume their product or service within a very short period of time.
There's far greater regulations coming in to many sectors these days with KYC, AML and age verification. It's absolutely vital for our customers to be able to comply with these regulations and capturing good, clean, accurate data is fundamental to be able to process a consumer's application for a product or service.

Find out how to create fast and frictionless onboarding customer experiences without compromising your compliance obligations or attitude to risk.

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