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Video How education, data and technology can enable us to disrupt the fraudsters

Digitalisation has created new opportunities for fraudsters, as they are no longer a real person but a masked identity. GBG's Carol Hamilton explains the challenges we face when it comes to managing fraud and highlights the importance of education, technology and data and how they can support our defences against fraud.

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Video Using compliance as an enabler not a barrier

In a world of near real-time media coverage, we often learn about breaches immediately. But compliance shouldn’t just be a defence against bad publicity. It should be an enabler to onboard good customers faster and maintain frictionless experiences without compromising on compliance.

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Video Disruptors are changing how we regulate and beat fraud

The mobile and digital economy means the way we consider our identities is changing. Fintechs are challenging the industry to use technology to provide the best customer experience while meeting regulations.

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Video Good, clean, accurate data drives great customer onboarding

With money laundering often hiding in plain sight, how comfortable are you that your business is fully compliant with AML, KYC and Age Verification regulations?

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Video Regulatory compliance: more than a box-ticking exercise

Learn why regulatory compliance should serve a greater purpose than just satisfying regulators.

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Video Employee onboarding checks help reduce fraud

One in three males between the ages of 18 and 52 have a criminal record, so doing background checks to understand who you are employing is vital to managing your organisation’s risk.

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