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Podcast Business Beyond Borders - Episode 1 - The X Factor: how UX and CX are driving digital forwards

As more and more previously ‘under-digital’ demographics embrace digital technology to stay connected, businesses need to continue to simplify and streamline their online experience. In this episode, Jay Tulloch, Head of Design at Metro Bank, and Henry Thomas, Head of UX at GBG, discuss how getting UX right is the key to your bottom line.

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Podcast Business Beyond Borders - Episode 2 - The data value exchange

Have consumer attitudes towards the value of personal data changed, with the rise of digital transformation? As we spend more time than ever online collaborating and accessing digital services, what will this mean for technology innovation and regulations? Businesses face the increasingly complex challenge of delivering digital services that fall on the right side of data privacy and public trust. In this episode, we ask experts Keily Blair, Partner & Head of Cyber & Privacy Litigation at Orrick.

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Podcast Business Beyond Borders - Episode 3: Is the future cashless

More than 7.4 million people are now living an “almost cashless life” in the UK alone, choosing to use contactless and digital payment methods. But what is driving this shift? And what does a move away from cash mean for the most vulnerable people in society, and those that simply prefer using cash? We ask experts Tony Craddock, Director General at Emerging Payments Association and Jonathan Jensen, Director Identity Verification at GBG, what is the future of cash.

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Podcast Business Beyond Borders - Episode 4: How to be a truly borderless business

In a world where borders continue to matter less when it comes to goods and services, it is vital for businesses to know who their customers are. Experts Spencer McLain, VP & General Manager, EMEA at Ekata, and Matthew Furneaux, Director of Location Intelligence, GBG, share insights on how to extend your business globally.

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