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Guide Managing the Fraud Triangle for Financial Services Organisations

This guide analyses fraud trends within the Covid-19 pandemic and summarises how we can help organisations to detect and prevent fraud using the fraud triangle.

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Guide Player Onboarding Best Practice Guide

Download our best practice guide to interpreting igaming regulator recommendations for onboarding players smoothly, compliantly, and responsibly.

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Guide Guide: The Future of Identity Verification UX

It’s no secret that consumers will leave a brand if they can find a better experience elsewhere. For regulated organisations, this means finding a balance between compliance and customer experience. This guide features best practices and advice from GBG experts.

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Guide Guide: Identity Solution - Best Practice Guide

This guide will help you get started with the identity verification component of your customer onboarding journey.

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Guide Guide: Customer Due Diligence and Anti-Money Laundering

This guide represents our interpretation of regulations; however, we always advise businesses to undertake their own assessment of regulation.

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Guide A guide to 5AMLD

Understand how 5AMLD affects your business and how you can meet your regulatory requirements

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