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Gender Pay Report GBG Gender Pay Report 2019

This report illustrates our gender pay gap position at March 2019 for our UK team members.

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Case Study Saving time, money and lives with GBG Connexus

GBG Connexus is the Staffordshire Police’s primary tool for tackling county lines gangs, locating missing persons and much more.

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Webinar OnDemand Webinar: AML for Auctioneers and Art Houses

Learn how anti-money laundering and the upcoming 5AMLD regulatory changes will affect your business in this 15-minute on-demand webinar.

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Video How education, data and technology can enable us to disrupt the fraudsters

Digitalisation has created new opportunities for fraudsters, as they are no longer a real person but a masked identity. GBG's Carol Hamilton explains the challenges we face when it comes to managing fraud and highlights the importance of education, technology and data and how they can support our defences against fraud.

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Video Using compliance as an enabler not a barrier

In a world of near real-time media coverage, we often learn about breaches immediately. But compliance shouldn’t just be a defence against bad publicity. It should be an enabler to onboard good customers faster and maintain frictionless experiences without compromising on compliance.

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White Paper Player Onboarding Best Practice Guide

Download our best practice guide to interpreting igaming regulator recommendations for onboarding players smoothly, compliantly, and responsibly.

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