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Introducing Predator

GBG Predator facilitates quick multi-channel payment setup with financial crime protection readiness, to monitor transaction channels such as digital wallet, internet banking, credit card or contactless payment. By bringing the different transactional data together and creating a multi-layered customer profile, GBG Predator accurately identifies anomalous behaviour during transactions; mitigating fraud risks and ensuring compliance, while protecting customers and building trust.

  • Real-time fraud detection

    Set up multi layered profiling including monetary (payment behaviour), non-monetary (login, devices, password changes), time (average over a week or 6 months), and frequency (number of logins, number of transactions) and scoring algorithms to alert suspicious activity and prevent transactional fraud in real-time.

  • Fewer false positives via behavioural analytics

    GBG Predator uses behavioural analytics to calculate the risk for each event in real-time. It recalibrates “normal” behaviour in real-time through calculation of an individuals’ day to day behaviours and uses expert defined rules to account for expected fluctuations.

  • Better performance, reducing operational costs

    Intuitive user interface design enables easy review and fast actions to be taken on unauthorised transactions. Create and customise business rules with fraud specialist insights for better results and minimise excessive referrals. Create fraud case documentation rapidly using templates with data populated automatically.

  • Avoid fines through AML compliance

    Enjoy a single consistent, risk -based approach for AML (anti-money laudering) compliance with automated account and transactional behaviour monitoring across all customer channels and locations. Conduct swift investigations using detailed reporting and group case management and prove compliance with a clear audit trail.

  • Keep up with changing fraudulent behaviour patterns

    Enhance fraud detection accuracy by layering predictive analytics from Machine Learning capability. Stay on top of evolving fraudulent behaviour patterns with adaptive Machine Learning models that learns and updates automatically.

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