Machine Learning

Detect complex financial crime by leveraging artificial intelligence

Introducing GBG Machine Learning

Machine Learning layers artificial intelligence on GBG Digital Risk Management and Intelligence Platform, to help detect evolving and complex financial crimes, protecting businesses from fraud losses and enabling frictionless customer experience in the digital onboarding and transaction process.

  • Enhanced fraud detection

    Complement rule-based detection to improve fraud detection accuracy.

  • Adaptive fraud detection models

    Continuous learning and automated model update to identify new fraud patterns.

  • Transparent modelling process

    Improve performance and support regulatory compliance.

  • Strengthen fraud detection capability

    Machine learning complements rule-based systems to strengthen fraud detection capability by identifying new complex financial crimes that may be missed, improving accuracy by up to 30%.

  • Simplify machine learning deployment

    Using leading algorithm choice for fraud detection models, such as random forest, gradient boosting machine and neural networks, Machine Learning models can be built and trained by leveraging past and existing data, and be easily deployed to production.

  • Adaptive and automated model update

    Machine Learning model continues to learn and update its detection capability automatically based on newly identified fraudulent behavioural and outcome patterns.

  • Optimise performance and operational efficiency

    User-controlled design enables model performance fine-tuning; and the building, training and throttling of score threshold to balance alert trigger rate, facilitating better focus and management of fraud investigation resource.

  • Open model development

    Access to sample data, modelling parameters, contributing features and audit log helps to support regulatory reporting and comply to governance requirements.

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