Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigation is not so much about confirming what you know, but discovering what you don't. GBG Investigate enables you to quickly investigate a fraud suspect and join the dots in your investigations.

Save money and speed up your investigation process

For organisations with a requirement for fraud prevention, detection and investigative purposes to protect individuals. This may enable an individual to receive the goods and services they order or to protect premiums, by enabling an organisation to defend and prosecute legal claims.

Discover hidden connections

GBG Investigate is the most advanced investigation tool available. Our web-based service speeds up investigations by displaying all connections to a subject in a visual graph. This graphical display reveals hidden connections between people, businesses, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

Our service enables fraud investigators to speed up their investigations, reducing the time it takes to carry out investigations and increase the efficiency when gathering intelligence. Investigators can traverse the graph in any direction of interest and using Shortest Path can instantly reveal how two suspects are connected.

Find valuable intelligence faster

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Connecting intelligent links between these sources

Non-public names and addresses

Landline phone numbers

Mobile phone numbers

E-mail addresses

Mortality Records

CCJ Checks

Insolvency Records

Property Info

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