Evidence Gathering

With GBG Investigate users are quickly able to verify information they have been given, and discover hidden information about a subject.

Verify and investigate information faster than ever before

For organisations that have a requirement to understand more about an individual, place or business in order to meet regulatory obligations or to protect/support them. This may include enhanced due diligence to understand affordability, identification of corporate structures and even reaching people, such as locating donors.

Discover hidden connections

Effective evidence gathering not only requires comprehensive data but also the means to put the data into context. By displaying the data in our unique graphical interface, we give you an instant 360 degree view of a subject’s world.

Dive deeper and find hidden connections

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Connecting intelligent links between these sources

Non-public names and addresses

Landline phone numbers

Mobile phone numbers

E-mail addresses

Mortality Records

CCJ Checks

Insolvency Records

Property Info

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