Asset Reunification

Our unique service enables organisations to instantly visualise an individual’s current and historic addresses with all their connections such as links to co-benefactors, businesses and additional contact information.

With just a small piece of information, you can explore and discover connections like never before

For organisations that have the requirement to reunite assets with a living individual or a relative/associate of the deceased. This may be required by law or regulatory obligations.

Discover hidden connections

Locating beneficiaries of wills or owners of neglected financial assets, can often be a tricky task, involving expensive and time-consuming research and requiring access to multiple data sources and search tools. Our unique service enables recovery professionals to instantly visualise an individual’s world with all their connections such as linked people, addresses, and businesses.

A single click reveals the number and type of connections from your subject, which allows you to reveal hidden connections and then to drill down into their background, giving you the ability to conduct comprehensive investigations starting with just small pieces of intelligence.

Find connections that would normally be invisible

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Connecting intelligent links between these sources

Non-public names and addresses

Landline phone numbers

Mobile phone numbers

E-mail addresses

Mortality Records

CCJ Checks

Insolvency Records

Property Info

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