Plant & Tool Hire

Make the right decisions about who hires your tools

  • Reduce fraud

    Have confidence that you know exactly who is hiring your tools, so you know who to chase if they don’t return them.

  • Protect profits

    Reduce the risk of your tools being stolen by fraudsters, so you can protect your bottom line and enjoy higher profits.

  • Increase revenue

    The more genuine customers you serve, the higher the potential revenue from re-hire. Build profitable relationships with genuine customers.

Athenticate your customer’s ID in under 5 seconds

Stop falling victim to fraud, and start understanding exactly who you’re hiring to. Protect your bottom line, reduce your insurance costs and build up your reputation as an organisation that won’t stand for fraudulent ID documents. Get the evidence you need to make the right decisions about who hires your tools. Validate your customer’s ID document in under 5 seconds, and have confidence that they are who they say they are.

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