Sign up new customers quicker than ever before

  • Faster service

    Get new customers into your casinos quicker, authenticate ID documents in under 5 seconds and remove the need for forms.

  • Stay compliant

    Make supported decisions that help you comply with verification, AML and self-exclusion regulations. Operate responsibly.

  • Prevent fraud

    Understand exactly who is coming into your casino. Reduce the risk of becoming victim to fraudulent activity and big AML fines.

Authenticate your customer’s ID in under 5 seconds

Whether you’re online or on land, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. So if your customers are having to queue to get into your casino, or jump through hoops to sign up online – you risk losing them before they’ve placed their first bet. We know you’ve got strict laws and regulations to adhere to, but what if you could onboard a new customer in under 5 seconds, whilst doing all the checks you need to?

Get new members through your door and signed up online quickly using our document validation

Remove the need for your customers to fill in mundane forms and eliminate keystroke errors. Have confidence that your customers are of a legal age to gamble, and that you’re working towards AML compliance. We’ll help you operate responsibly.

Helping gaming organisations quickly and easily authenticate their customers' ID documents

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