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GBG Datacare | Contact Validation

Contact validation is a feature of our GBG Datacare data cleansing solution, helping you to connect, communicate and transact with your customers.

We understand the issues you face

Communication effectiveness

If you have the wrong address, phone number or email address for your customer, they could miss your communications.

Brand reputation

If your customers aren't receiving your communications, or they're receiving your communications but not through their preferred channels, you risk damage to your customer satisfaction and your brand reputation.

Compliance assistance

Identify any inaccuracies in your data, so that you can quickly correct, append or suppress. In doing so, you can make certain that your personal data is kept up to date.

How data validation can help

In an ideal world, you'd have the correct contact details to be able to communicate through your most effective channels, and importantly your customer’s preferred channel. This is never the case, as data degrades at a rapid rate. Even if you were able to capture all this channel information, it wouldn't be correct forever – meaning you lose communication through preferred channels.

GBG Datacare's contact validation solution enables you to understand what contact information is live and usable – and importantly which isn’t - and needs to be replaced, sought or acquired. Validating this information can:

  • Protect your domain’s reputation with Internet Service Providers by reducing hard bounce emails
  • Reduce dialler costs
  • Improve database content by fixing simple errors

We use a combination of datasets to ensure that your contact data is usable.

Types of GBG Datacare Contact Validation

Mobile validation

This is a live service that checks that a mobile telephone number will connect. It provides detail as to whether that number is live, dead or invalid and may also return the original and current network provider, the country where the mobile was registered and where it is currently located.

Landline validation

This is a live service that checks that a landline telephone number will connect, and provides detail as to whether that number is live, dead or invalid. Numbers are checked in a batch environment and the service is compliant with the Communications Act 2003.

Landline to location validation

This process will compare the area code of the supplied landline telephone number and the area code of the supplied postcode. A difference will indicate that either the supplied address/telephone information held by the client is out of date or that an alternative number has been supplied.

Telephone services potential VOIP/ business number

Identify telephone numbers in your database which are business numbers or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) lines so that you can remove these from your call lists. Improve data quality and first time contact rates. 

Email validation

Identify which email addresses are invalid and not accepting email communications. A number of output codes are returned showing levels of certainty, ranging from absolute to probable. Due to ISPs and domain configuration, it's not possible to confirm for 60% of email addresses in circulation that they absolutely can receive emails.

GBG Datacare: fully integrated & customisable

Engaging with your customers and gaining their trust is the key to a long and prosperous relationship. This applies throughout the customer lifecycle. Relevant multi-channel communications help gain customers' trust.

Use our fully managed service or choose individual solutions to complement and support your in-house activity. Work with us and we’ll tailor make an individual data cleansing solution that’s robust, reliable, and most importantly, compliant.

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