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Introducing GBG Datacare

Data quality should be the foundation of your customer management strategy. Analytics, campaign management, customer experience, reporting and metrics are all underpinned by data quality, and that's why you need to ensure that your data is as clean as it can be. GBG Datacare can help improve the accuracy of your data, so you have a better chance of success when you communicate with your customers. The cleaner your data, the more you'll be able to improve your customer experience and loyalty.

In a nutshell, GBG Datacare helps you

Improve the effectiveness of your customer management
Maintain customer relationships
Assist with your compliance needs by keeping your customer data up to date
Remove inactive data and increase your efficiencies

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We can provide you with a Data Quality Dashboard, and a unique GBG Data Quality Index Score, giving you insight into how you measure up against other companies who hold similar data.

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How GBG Datacare can help you

Contact validation

We'll help you understand what contact information is correct, live and usable, and importantly which isn't and needs to be replaced, sought or acquired. Contact validation helps you communicate with your customers through their preferred channels.

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Deceased screening

Mailing deceased individual's can cause further upset to bereaved families, and can potentially lead to identity fraud. GBG Datacare's Deceased Screening can help protect your brand and your reputation.

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Gone away suppression

Even your best customer might not tell you that they've moved house. Gone away suppression helps you to maintain your customer relationships.

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Address and name formatting and correction

We'll help you identify duplicate records and incorrectly formatted addresses in your customer data, so you can rest assured you're sending communications to the right address.

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Preference services

Ensure you're not contacting people who've registered with any preference services.

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Location intelligence

Learn more about the vicinity in which your customers live, other than just their address. Our Location Intelligence Dataset is one of the UK’s most accurate and comprehensive dataset, covering 31 million UK properties.

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Why use GBG Datacare?

Data agnostic

We process against industry-leading datasets from a number of different providers and deliver them in a single solution, this ensures you can access a breadth of data.

Volume and accuracy

With access to a wide variety of suppliers, we can support your goal of achieving an accurate customer database.

Multiple delivery platforms

Our services are provided through a number of different platforms to meet your business requirements. Depending on your organisation and needs, we can offer solutions that are automated, self service or on-premise. Should your requirements be more complex, our team of experienced database analysts can deliver you a tailor-made solution.

Hear what our GBG Datacare customers have to say...

GBG’s self-service solution has continued to help RSPB maintain a high level of data quality. It has ensured that RSPB maintain a consistently high level of brand reputation, through screening out deceased individuals and has made continued efficiency savings by not mailing individuals who have moved.


GBG have provided us with a great service in our recent mailing data cleanse. Their online system is easy to use and enables us to understand exactly what we are getting back and what the costs will be, before we push the button. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GBG.


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GBG Data Quality Dashboard

We can provide you with a Data Quality Dashboard, and a unique GBG Data Quality Index Score, giving you insight into how you measure up against other companies who hold similar data.

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