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Introducing GBG Activate

How do you know if new customers really have the means to pay you? Are your credit checks slow and cumbersome? Do they hinder your application process and cause customers to abandon purchases? GBG Activate is a sophisticated and customisable credit scoring and management system, which you can use to streamline your application process. Using workflow management, automation and strategy reporting, the system delivers quick, automated decisions which are based on your own rules. It works with all available data, in real-time to detect blacklisted, high-risk and duplicate applicants, while identifying high-value customers and prioritising low-risk applications for approval. It’s a comprehensive picture of a customers financial history and purchasing potential. Put simply, you’ll be able to quickly identify - and accept - ‘good’ applications, and transform them into loyal customers.

Why use GBG Activate?

Maximise profitability

GBG Activate allows you to understand each applicant's risk and profile potential. You can set credit terms for each individual according to your business strategy.

Strategic flexibility

The workflow management system automates your decision making process. It’s fully flexible, meaning you can update and adapt as your business requires. Plus application details and system decisions can be reviewed, and overwritten manually if required.

Consistent, high quality data

GBG Activate issues a comprehensive, yet simple application form system to collect consistently high-quality data. You’ll gain in-depth information about your applicant, drawn from multiple sources, including application forms, third party vendors (e.g. credit bureaus), and historic records.

Respond to applications faster & more effectively

Our in-built data capture function workflows to check blacklists, high risk and duplicate applications. What’s more, GBG Activate supports multiple sources, meaning application data can be drawn from application forms, third party vendors (eg. credit bureaus), as well as your own existing and historic records.

Manage the customer journey from a single place

Integrate your entire technology suite to optimise decisions, workflows and customer communication without duplicating data.

Evaluate success

Customised reports based on data and decisions can be designed, automatically generated, and emailed as required. Detailed processing reports enable operational productivity monitoring, making it simple to evaluate your success.

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Read more about how GBG Activate delivers rapid, automated decisions based on your own policies, helping you recognise and approve “good” applicants,immediately, treat them appropriately – and turn them into profitable, loyal customers.

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