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Fraud is an ever-growing issue, which cost businesses $38 billion in 2015. Globally, organisations are taking steps to mitigate fraud in their own business, but approach the problem in isolation. Fighting fraud is an issue which affects all organisations, and to achieve the best results, it’s an issue which should be addressed in co-operation. Through collaborative, real-time data sharing and analysis, Fraud Bureau empowers organisations to work together to combat fraud faster and more thoroughly. It’s a proven model, and is the most effective method of detecting identity fraud and syndicate fraud.

Why use Fraud Bureau?

Identify and prevent fraud instantly

Inter-organisational alerts provide 360° protection from fraudsters, from the moment there is an attack, across all organisations.

Reveal fraud patterns with shared data

Expose fraudsters who often use the same modus operandi to attack multiple organisations. You simply wouldn’t spot the patterns if working alone.

Protect every business channel

Integrate multiple portfolios to protect every business channel. Fraud Bureau benefits a variety of products such as credit cards, home loans, term loans, business loans, sales finance and motor vehicle finance, insurance products and post-paid telecommunications services.

Detect higher volumes of fraud

Tap into an enriched data set to verify customer data for consistencies, inconsistencies or unusual behaviour across multiple organisations.

Eliminate risk blind spots

Use industry expertise to supplement your existing risk management processes. Benefit from industry level blacklist data, scorecards and rule sets.

Improve efficiency

Integrated resource allocation allows you to improve operational efficiency. Fraud Bureau tailors data, rules and scorecards to facilitate information sharing.

Success story - Korean Fraud Bureau

“The results in Korea show the power of sharing data - $1 invested in Fraud Bureau gives a return in fraud loss savings of $75. That’s a pretty good investment. The knock-on effect is also a stronger economy – investors have more confidence to invest in a market which has industry co-operative and strong fraud prevention mechanisms in place.”

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